Bar Paly

Bar Paly is an Israeli model cum actress. Born in undivided Russia, she moved to Israel at the tender age of seven. She was raised in Tel Aviv. Paly began her career in modeling when she was only seventeen. In 2003, Bar Paly started her acting career. She appeared in a number of TV shows, did few movies and shot to fame because of her beauty, talent, acting skills.

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So far as her nationality is concerned, Paly was born is erstwhile Soviet Russia but she was raised in Israel. She commenced modeling at an age of 17. In 2003, she started her career in acting and appeared in a number of TV shows, films. Among the important projects that Paly handled, how I met your mother, The Starter wife, and the ruins. During her acting career, she performed with eminent actors.

Paly’s Married Life

Paly is a Jew. She married director Ian Kessner. In this context, it is important to say a few things about Paly’s husband. Kessner, a Canadian, and very much like his wife, relocated to New York after completing his graduation from the University of Western Ontario. He successfully directed many movies. His first direction, being the Gone Fish and after that he has directed many other movies that include, the Puzzle, lost after dark, the pedestrian.

Net Worth

Paly is an attractive model cum actress. And in her career, she has successfully completed many modelling assignments, acted in movies. Her net worth is estimated to be about $ 1.5 million.


Since her debut in 2003, Paly has acted in a number of films, demonstrated her acting skills before the US audience, and charmed her fans, followers with her talent. Among her important movies are included the Big Tuna, The Ruins, pain, and gain, non-stop, million dollar arm, headlock, urge.


Besides acting in films, Paly acted in a number of television shows that included the CSI: NY, the starter wife, unhitched, underemployed, game shop, NCIS Los Angeles. Paly's acting skills in small screens are commendable and that helped her to gain a lot of fans and followers.

Like other celebrities of her time, Paly has web visibility. This helps her to boost her popularity. She is also active in different social networking websites like Twitter. With the aid of these social media web portals, she aims to establish communication with her fans and followers who adores and admires her for her acting and talent. With the aid of the social networking website, the celebrity can know how she can improvise her acting and what her fans, followers are thinking about her.

The actress has her own official website where different aspects of her biography and career are given in detail for audience review. In the website, there are fashion magazine articles highlighting the celebrity model. The website has the contact section. Those aspiring to contact the model cum actress can use this contact page.

Paly has successfully handled a number of modeling assignments. She also performed in TV shows and movies. She is attractive and talented. Presently she is married to director Kessner. Because of her talent and popularity, she is more than a million dollars worth.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 29 Apr, 1982
Age: 38 yrs
Occupations: Actor
Film actor
Citizenship: Israel
United States of America
Birth Place: Nizhny Tagil
Gender: Female
Description: Israeli actress and model
Twitter Id: Barpaly
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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