Beau Martin

He is an actor, producer and the former player of American football. He can boast with many achievements in his American footbal career biography. Beau was born in June 12 1976 in Palo Alto, California, United States. Beau Martin is also known as Beau Martin Williams. He isn't married yet and doesn't have a wife or children.

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Beau has a degree in communications from University of Colorado. Before moving with his family into Colorado, Beau attended a primary school in Palo Alto, California. After settlement with his family in Colorado he attended Gunn High School, where he acquired the interest for American football. After the Gunn High School, Martin attended University of Colorado, from which he has a degree in communications. His biography also states that he attended Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachuetts. He was an excellent student at the University of Colorado and he definetely earned his degree in communications.


He is an actor, producer, and the former player of American football. He can boast with many sport's career achievements in his biography. He played football for Colorado Buffs and he also played for Boise State Broncos. He was receiving an average salary in these teams as a football player. In his Boise State Bronocs football team, he achieved many things: In his RS senior (2014), he was named All Mountain West Honorable mention for two times. He played many games for State Broncos and Colorado Buffs. Later, he decided to leave the career of a football player. He left Boulder, Colorado and settled down in Los Angeles, California. In Losa Angeles, Beau was in the need of a steady income and salary. He did various jobs around Los Angeles. He worked as a security guard in night clubs, moving jobs and other various commercial jobs.

After doing those low-qualified jobs, he risked and employed himself in the Los Angeles real estate market. It proved out to be a risky business. Beau is besides being an ex-footbal player and real estate agent, a producerof his independent movie named Americons. This movie depicts his career as a real estate agent. Beau starred in Hitters Anonymous as Dave.

Personal Life

Beau never married, had a wife, or divorced. It is not known does have a girlfriend, but it is speculated that many women want to become his wife, because of his good looks and good net worth. Beau enjoys in his life from his big earnings – salary and net worth of circa $1 million.


Beau is very active on social media. For instance, on the popular picture sharing application, Instagram, he has over 10 thousand followers and he follows back around 250 people. He has his official Facebook page and he also has the offical Facebook page for his movie Americons. Facebook page for Americons (2015) has around 15,000 fans of Beau's excellent movie. Beau Martin Williams also has his official Twitter account, on his Twitter account he has about 5,000 followers who follow his regular tweets about his upcoming movies. And, for the end, he also has a LinkedIn profile where he connects with various producers from Los Angeles. He never published any book.

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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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