Brent Musburger

Brent Woody Musburger was born in Portland, Oregon (United States) on May 26, 1939. Even when he was born in Portland, he was raised in Billings, Montana. His mother was Beryl Ruth and his father was Cec Musburger.

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His brother is a prominent sport called Toss Musburger. His brother was his adventure partner.

They were a "trouble machine". They stole their mom cleaning lady's car just for fun and they almost damage it completely.

Musburger was always a problem for his family, he was always trying to look for something to do, something to destroy. His parents did not know what to do with him.

Musburger confesses he felt left behind because of that, he always felt he was different and nobody understood him. He was always trying to call the attention of people around him.

He also confesses he had big dreams about his future career but he was insecure and doubted if he could do what he wanted because of people's comments.


His parents sent him to Faribault, Minnesota. And there he went to "Northwestern University" also "Medill School of Journalism" but then his past as a trouble maker went out again; he was kicked out from college when owning a car without having a non-expired driving license.


Brent started his career writing about sports for the "Chicago's newspaper" where he had the opportunity of working with great personalities such as Warren Brown.

In 1968 Musburger had a great job opportunity, he was offered to have an association with "CBS" as an anchor of sports and then as a radio reporter in "WBBM RADIO".

In 1970 Musburger moved to the city of Los Angeles and work as an anchor for sports news. Then be decided to work as a full time reporter doe "CBS Sports"

He also worked as Sports reporter in the famous channel ESPN.

Personal life:

Musburger got married to Arlene Musburger when they were only 24 years old. They have two children; they are called Blake and Scott.

Musburger has been part of several scandals because of their words and comments; he was also fired from NBC.

The scandal that made his fans mad was when he referred about two players in a childish way. But even when people talk bad about him because of what He did, he said he would say that again if he could in other moment; and that is something he does all the time saying he will always say the truth about things.

Even though his life has not been easy, he says his family has been his source of strength since they have been faithful even when fans have talked behind his back.

He says that he has had enough in his career, he has had good times and bad times but that every single part of it was worth the sacrifices, the time, the strength. He says he will always be happy about how he made right decisions in the right moment.
Net worth:

Musburger has a net worth of $12 million dollars. And a salary of $4 million dollars per year.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 26 May, 1939
Age: 80 yrs
Occupations: Sports commentator
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Portland
residence: Las Vegas
Education: Northwestern University
Medill School of Journalism
Gender: Male
Description: American sportscaster
Spouse: Arlene Clare Sander [M. 1963]
Net Worth 2021: 18 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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