Chris Ciaffa

Chris Ciaffa was born in the year 1963 and was born as Christopher Ciaffa. He is an assistant director and a popular producer. He is known for the movies: Harlan County War, The Devil’s Arithmetic and Unstoppable. He is married to Mimi Rogers from 2003 and they have two children together.

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 Mimi Rogers is the first wife of Tom Cruise and she has been married three times. Her really name is Miriam Spickler.  Her first husband is Jim Rogers whom they got married in 1977 and they divorced after three years of marriage. Tom Cruise became her husband in 1987 but also divorced in the year 1990. This is when she got together with Chris Ciaffa.

Mimi and Chris lived together for over 13 years before they decide to be married in 2003. They had two children together, Lucy Julia Rogers Ciaffa born in 1995 and a son called Charles Rogers Ciaffa who was born in 2001. Chris collaborated in other movies like Charms of an Easy Live, Trancers III and Doctor Mordrid. He was the production aid for Christmas Vacation.

Mimi Rogers is an American television and film producer and actress while she plays poker on competitive level.  She had starred in different movies like Desperate Hours, Someone To Watch Over Me and Gung Ho.  She got most applause for her role in the rapture and even critic Robin Wood said that he gave her best for the performance. She has appeared in the movies like The door In the Floor, Lost in Space, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, The Mirrors has Two faces and the Reflections.

Rogers was born to Philip C Spickler who is a civil Engineer and the mother was Kathy Talent who was a former drama and dance major. The father was a Jewish while the mother was an Episcopalian.  The father got involved with the Scientology before her birth and this is why this religion became a part of how she was brought up.  Her family was living in England, Michigan, Arizona and Virginia before they settle for Los Angeles. She did accelerated schools and she graduated from high school when she was 14 years old.  While in college, she had her own study program and got involved into the community writing and theater. Afterwards, she worked in the hospital for the incapacitated patients in California and in six years, she was working as a part time social work dealing with the substance counseling. At the beginning of the acting career, Kristie Alley and Rogers were living together. Even if her biography can be found on wiki and other leading websites, that of his husband Chris Ciaffa is not found there and only a short description can be found.

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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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