Darrell Sheets

Despite Darrell being a known on-screen character, and being quite sociable, Darrell prides himselft in not quite being an active subscriber to social media. On social sites like Twitter and Instagram, Darrell does not engage his fan base and followers, but on a number of occasions, Darrell has posted pictures of himself and his other half, Kimberly, often putting quotes that are suggestive of them being in a matrimonial relationship.

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With such posts, it steers Darrell clear off the gay allegations that were once making rounds. Darrell still leaves the public speculating whether the two are legitimately married since there is no evidence or they are just two people in love and enjoying each other’s company.


Darrell began his career while still a teenager. Darrell’s line of business is not one that many are familiar with. Darrell has spent a fair share of his 50+ years treasure hunting or ‘storage hunting’ as he would call it. According to Darrell, he once came across a collection of rare comic books and a letter written by Abraham Lincoln among other treasure’s he has been able to unearth. His work entails biding for storage units and thus the show Storage Wars.

The show debut in late 2010 and immediately rose to become the most popular show on TV then. In relation to the A & E reality show, Storage Wars’ Darrell is popular for being among the original cast. In the show, Darrell, alongside other bidders quest to purchase the storage units and the highest bidder carries the day.

Earning the nickname “The Gambler,” it is easy to realize that Darrell is serious about his business and take some risks with his bidding. Darrell has a strong personality which attracts both viewers and the females. When it comes to business, he uses it appropriately when confronted with a bidding opportunity. In one of the episodes of the show, Darrell made his biggest gamble spending more than he ever had which in the end gave him a profit but it wasn’t without worry. He has made some poor decisions when it comes to storage unit selections

Not knowing what was inside one of the storage units, Darrel spent a massive $13,500. Spending such an amount, Darrell considered the unit as a holy grail when going through the storage’s valuables. In the storage, he found rare movie posters, sports and World War II memorabilia and vinyl records which after selling earned him a whopping $40,275.

Darrell, as a father, seems to be bringing up his son, Brandon, in his line of business concerning the storage bin trade. Darrell’s son has been seen in some of the episodes of the Storage Wars show. With his many years in the business and an annual salary of $300,000, Darrell has amounted a $4.5 million net worth.

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Quick Facts
Date of Birth: 13-05-1958
Birth Place: Covina, California, United States
T.V. Show(s): Storage Wars
Children: Brandon Sheets
Nationality: American
Profession: Television Personality
Employer: Storage Wars (Past)
Wife: Kimber Wuerfel
Marital Status: Married
Ethnicity: White
Net Worth: $4.5 Million Dollars
Height: 5' 11"
Birth Sign: Taurus
Net Worth 2021: 4 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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