David Gregory

David Gregory is a consistent and a talented television moderator and best host in the world and has received many appreciations for his role. He was born 1970 and he has been able to achieve many things both as actor and journalist.  He is considered to be the best   for everything he does. He was born in Los Angeles, in the city of California and he is of American nationality. He is known to be a tall man and he has the height of 6 feet with 5 inches and this means 1.95 meters. He attended American University.  He is a popular person on the social network and he has over 1.68 million on his twitter account and he has also a Facebook account. He likes to tweet everything about his thoughts, opinions and ideas and he shares them with his fans, admirers and family. His Facebook fan page has million likes.  He is available also on Instagram and likes to upload his pictures on his account so that he can share them.

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His success also led to financial success and his salary is 5 million every year and this is how he was able to have a net worth of over 12 millions. There are some rumors that nbc paid him 4 million dollars so that he can quit in quiet manner but it was never confirmed.  However, because he had been replaced in the show he was a host for called Meet the Press, people say that the rumors may be true. Some say that he was fired but the network is worried that he can talk about it and it can be a mess.

For some time he dated Beth Wilkinson before they decide to get married. The marriage took place in the year 2000 and they started to live happy together as a wife and a husband.  During their dating period, their relationship was a hot topic and it is believed that they have a strong bond together which will help them to stay together for a long period. His wife is a mother of his three children who are Max Gregory, Ava Gregory and Jed Gregory.

His career started when he became a reporter for KGUN-TV. He was also the co-anchor for a famous show known as Weekend Today. He had the chance of being the host of many tv shows such as Crosstalk NBC and News Chats. He did not let such chance to slip away from his hand and he worked also on MSNBC for the show known as Newsfront. He was also on the show known as Weekend Nightly News and his work had always been looked up by his junior together with the co-workers which reflected how he is perfect. His mother is account manager called Carolyn Surtees while his father was Don Gregory who was a theatrical and film producer. He is a Jewish as his father.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 3 Jun, 1659
Age: 360 yrs
Citizenship: Great Britain
Birth Place: Aberdeen
Education: University of Aberdeen
Leiden University
Gender: Male
Description: Scottish astronomer and mathematician
Net Worth 2021: 12 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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