Emily Goldberg

Emily Goldberg is an American lawyer who has a wealth of experience from her years of training and practice in the law field. She is a corporate lawyer who has a built a strong reputation from over a decade on the job.

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Emily is well educated and has not let the years of schooling overwhelm her. She was prepared to complete all the hard work necessary to reach the top of her field.

Interestingly enough, her first degree was not related to the law field. She completed a degree in Geography from Dartmouth College where after four years. She went for Geography because she was interested in how the Earth worked. She wanted to know what the difference was between the many shapes and formations of clouds. She wanted to know what caused earthquakes. How the earth formed its surface was of big interest to her. When she was young, she never understood how to read weather reports. Geography classes taught her concepts of the weather that gave her more knowledge than the average person. She found out what a cold front was and how it produces rain. She found how a region could have a storm while another region just miles away could be clear and sunny.

Even though Emily was proud to earn her degree in Geography, she felt that it wasn’t her true calling and that it wouldn’t be something that could be happy for the rest of her life. She saw Geography as more of a hobby or side interest. Naturally, she was a very talkative and competition person. She liked to participate in debates to prove her point. She felt that she had the gift of gab and talk her way into almost anything. She considered sales and marketing but she didn’t think it was fulfilling enough. Selling people on brands and merchandise would be easy for but it wasn’t going to be a big enough challenge.

The idea of being a lawyer was intriguing to Emily because of the potential earning ability and the chance to display her skills of persuasion. She knew that becoming a lawyer was not going to be easy. She had already spent four years in school getting a different degree so he was on borrowed time. She did not mind though, she was determined to chase her dream no matter what.

She decided to attend the University of Pennsylvania which had a prestigious Law School in 2002. She got her degree in Law there in just under one year. She did not waste any time getting her degree. She did all that should could to expedite the process in getting her degree. She was involved in different activities and groups while in school. Two of these were Law review and as a legal writing instructor. There is no wonder that she is very skilled at solving problems using both her geography and law background.

Lawyer Career

Her first appointment after completing her schooling was to be an associate at Debevoise & Plimpton. This is where she first faced the real test of being a lawyer. Her involvement in various law groups in school definitely prepared her for some of the challenges that she would face. She was able to work successfully with this company for three years, 2003 to 2006.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 15 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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