Ime Udoka

Ime Sunday Udoka was born on the ninth of August 1977. Although not much is known about his parents, it is a well-established fact that his father was of Akwa Ibom descent, who was from Nigeria. This qualified Udoka to play in the Nigerian basketball squad. Udoka’s mother was an American, who passed away in the year 2011. She was an amazing parent to her son and taught him a lot that he could never forget. According to his biography, he attended Jefferson High School, where he played in the forward position. Later on in his life, Ime Udoka attended the University of San Francisco. However, it was not long after he transferred to Portland State University from where made his first appearance with the team ‘Vikings’.

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His professional career began when he played in the NBDL, where he was picked as the thirty-ninth overall pick in the year 2002 for the NBDL Draft. On fourteenth January 2004, he was contacted by the ‘Los Angeles Lakers’, but that opportunity was waived later. This was when he decided to do a short stint in Europe. In 2005, Ime Udoka returned to the US and drafted in NBDL again, where he got placed at the overall third position in the NBDL Draft that year. He had made an average score of 17.1 points and a rebound of 6.2 per game he played with the ‘Flyers’.

In April of 2006, Ime Udoka was brought on board by the ‘New York Knicks’. However, he was waived by the ‘New York Knicks’ in September the same year. Udoka was later invited to play for his homeland team ‘Portland Trail Blazers’. He was the last member to be brought on board the team. Ime Udoka impressed his coaches and other professionals handling their team with his deep regard for basketball along with his defense and the quality of professionalism.

During the year 2007, Ime Udoka had the opportunity to finally sign a contract with a famous team called the ‘San Antonio Spurs’. In the following season leading into the year 2009, Udoka signed another contract in order to play in his previous team once again- ‘Portland Trail Blazers’. However, his contract was waived in October 2009. In the month of November 2010, Udoka signed another contract with with ‘San Antonio Spurs’. This contract was also waived the following January in 2011. He had only played a total of twenty games during his contract with them.

In December 2011, Udoka signed on with the ‘New Jersey Nets’, only to have his contract waived on 23rd December, 2011, during which he served 9 days in their team. In January 2012, Udoka signed on with a team in the Spanish ACB League called the ‘UCAM Murcia’. The following August, he joined as the assistant coach to the ‘San Antonio Spurs’. He was the reason why player LaMarcus Alderidge decided to sign on with the ‘San Antonio Spurs’ in 2015.

Ime Udoka’s yearly salary was estimated to be around 3.9 million dollars, during his career as a player. His net worth is estimated to be at a whopping amount of 11.5 million dollars. In the year 2010, Udoka started dating actress Nia Long. They had a baby together in 2011 and were engaged in 2015 and are yet to be married. He has no other children and has never been through a divorce. Udoka’s wedding to his future wife Nia Long is expected to be in the near future.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 9 Aug, 1977
Age: 42 yrs
Occupations: Basketball player
Basketball coach
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Portland
Education: Jefferson High School
Gender: Male
Description: American basketball player/coach
Net Worth 2021: 11.5 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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