Jennifer Ward

Jennifer Ward is one of the far-renowned journalist and television broadcasters of Canada and she was born in the year 1957, 5th May. In her career, she has interviewed many remarkable and significant public figures and also she has interviewed many popular CEOs too.

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Personal Life

She studied journalist out of interest and also she enjoys and loves her profession than anything else. Being a television host and a journalist, she has proven her talents in a significant way. Her style of anchoring and presenting the show is always a wonderful treat to the viewers and thus she has captured the attention of the viewer’s world wide. She has been in the field of journalism for more than 13 years time and also she enjoys photography too. She has captured many wonderful images and photographs, and all these adds credit to her profile. She did her graduation in journalism at UC Berkeley Journalism School during the year 2001. Jennifer Ward has been the best beat newsperson covering plenty of interesting news at both online and print publications. A few of her beat reports will include CBS and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Besides work, Jennifer thoroughly enjoys cooking, gardening and painting.

During her free time, she does many of the interesting paint works and also spends most of her leisure time in the garden. Cultivating new variety of plants and growing them with much care and love has always been her favorite kind of work outside from work. When it comes to cooking, she prepares her meal and tastes it whenever she finds time. She loves to learn preparing a variety of foods with good taste that smacks the lips as well. With all being her favorite pass time, she spends most of her leisure time with her darling doggy called Bowman. Bowman is always her favorite companion and she doesn’t compromises her dog for anything else. Jennifer has been diagnosed and examined with breast cancer in they year 2010 and she has been taking all essential measures to win away this deadly disease.


Jennifer Ward worked as a reporter at CFTO during the year 1988 in the month of August and she was further promoted as a news anchor during the month of September. During the month of July 1991, Jennifer migrated to Philadelphia in Pennsylvania in the United States. She worked as a reporter and anchor for the channel KYW – TV. Right now, Jennifer is appointed at the CTV News Channel and she appears as the news anchor on CTV’S Canada AM. You can find Jennifer presenting the weekend morning news at the CTV News Channel and also she is the regular hosts on Canada AM.

She excelled in interviewing the star icons and her expertise in interviewing has heaped her laurels and accolades. She was identified and scored her recognition when Jennifer appeared as the Solo Female Host in the evening news taking place in Philadelphia. Jennifer’s remarkable performances and her journalistic talents in the southern borders have won her a good reputation and name. Besides everything, she has been nominated twice for the Emmy Television award.

Quick Facts
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Net Worth 2021: 5 million
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