Keith Urban Net Worth 2021

Keith Urban's net worth 2021 is 75 million.

Keith Urban is an Australian country singer. He was born on 26 October 1967 in New Zealand. His real name is Keith Lionel Urban. He plays electric guitar, banjo, mandolin and sitar. He was also a judge for a music competition on television. He moved with his parents to Australia when he was 2 years old. His father, Robert Urban, owned a convenient store. His mother’s name was Marienne. He learnt playing guitar from Sue McCarthy. He attended many competitions in music and performed in a local theatre. Keith met Nichole Kidman in one of the events in Hollywood. They were married in June 2006 in Sydney. Their first child was born in 2008. Her name is Rose Urban. Their second child was born in 2010. Her name is Faith Margaret Kidman Urban. People admired Keith and Nichole, as husband and wife. Their marriage is going through difficulties. Keith has won many awards and laurels for his music and lyrics. His debut album was released in 1991. He moved to United States in 1992. ‘The Ranch’ was the name of his first band. His songs were listed in Billboard’s country music list. He went solo in 1999. He released his solo album, Keith Urban, in the same year. His songs “Making Memories of Us,” and “someone Like You,” were hot favourite among the country music lovers. He has recorded 9 solo country music albums. All of them have hit singles. His single, “Sweet Thing,” from the album ‘Defying Gravity,’ won him a Grammy Award. Keith has received many awards over years including, Grammy, Billboards, Golden Globes, and Academy of Country Music Awards, many times over a span of 10 years. Nichole Kidman was previously married to Tom Cruise. She got a divorce from him in 2001. Keith is not reported to have any affair outside his marriage. Nothing about his girlfriend is reported either. His life in college or any information on his childhood crush is not reported. Keith was Nichole’s boyfriend for six months before they decided to tie the nuptials. Keith was in a rehab for a while because of his addiction to alcohol. He apologized publicly to Nichole for having her put through this predicament. They have always come across as an adorable couple, deeply in love, in front of the media. Nichole Kidman is a famous American Hollywood actress. The rumours about their imminent break up are doing the rounds. Keith’s single numbers are very melodious and soothing. His songs contain a major element of acoustic guitar chords. Keith apparently sued a painter over a URL. He wanted to have the patent of the URL keithurban. He did not win the lawsuit as the verdict was in the favour of the painter. When Keith started to work for American Idol in LA, it started to put pressure in the relation. Nichole is in Australia, nursing their children. Distance and work pressure have started to create problems between them. They are unable to handle their relationship when multiple issues surround it.

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