Lottie Tomlinson 

Published : Jun 28 2017 | Modified : Jun 28 2017

Lottie Tomlinson (full name Charlotte Elizabeth Tomlinson) was raised in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England. Her birthday is on August 4, 1996. Her parents are Mark Tomlinson and Johannah Deakin. She also has three siblings, Felicite and twins Phoebe and Daisy Tomlinson. Her half-brother Louis William Tomlinson is a well-known English singer-songwriter and actor. He is known as a member of the pop boy band One Direction. She was an unknown till the 2009, but with the popularity of the British-Irish boy band One Direction, she became popular in the internet

She was widely recognized in 2010, when she began posting videos and comments related to her superstar brother Louis. She started her career by appearing on YouTube channel with a special makeup tutorial. Later, in the 2015 she became the stylist and makeup artist for One Direction music band, during their “On The Road Again” Tour.

She also continued her work with the band during their promotional appearances. At first she got her place thanks to her older brother, but later she recommended herself as an extremely professional. Since then, she has collaborated with famous singer and actress Selena Gomez, who has personally invited her to join Selena’s in her Revival tour for creative makeup. She became an ambassador for Nails Inc.

In the 2016 Lottie served as a promoter for spray-on polish ‘Paint Can’. In the same year she spoke to Paper Magazine about her career, saying that she always dreamed of becoming a make-up artist but was not sure because of her young age that she had all the necessary skills. Working with his brother, getting great experience, sharing with him new places during the tour, she realized that this is exactly what she wants to do. Now, Lottie has already achieved great success and in the future, she hopes to continue her career in the world of fashion and design.

There is nothing on the Internet about its education and plans for the future. Now, Lottie tightly tied her time with her brother's musical tour. It is obvious that she did not complete her secondary education. Nevertheless, she already has a wide experience, which will allow her to make her way in the world of show business. At the age of 18, she is already familiar with many popular performers and actors. Most of all, Lottie dreams of opening her own professional make-up salon in Los Angeles or New York. She wants not only to be at the center of the events of the stellar world but also to conduct her own business in the studio.

Additionally to her career of a makeup artist, she also wants to try herself as an author and now she is writing a book. She is a very active in the social media. She has 3 million followers in the Instagram, her YouTube channel Lottie video has about 150 thousand subscribers, and she has almost 3 million followers on Twitter. She was dating with Martin Kendal. Their relationship was pretty short and the couple breaks up, Now she is dating Tommy Napolitano. Currently, she resides in London.

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