Matthew Trebek

Matthew Trebek is a well-known American entrepreneur who owns OSo, a popular Mexican restaurant in North Harlem. He is famous as the son of Alex Trebek, a well-known TV personality and game show host who died in November 2020.

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The businessman was born in Los Angeles, California, on February 3, 1991. His father, Alex Trebek, and mother, Jean Currivan, have only one child, Matt. Alex and Jean Trebek reared their daughter Nicky Trebek in addition to their two children. Alex's first marriage, which ended in 1981, resulted in the adoption of Nicky.

From kindergarten to graduation, Matthew attended Campbell Hall. He participated in soccer, baseball, and football during his high school years. Alex Trebek's son enjoyed his father's constant interest in his athletic endeavors. He went to Fordham University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in communication and business administration in 2013. Matthew also enrolled in the National Bartenders School, where he learned how to mix drinks.


Career The chef-restaurateur worked at Willow Road, a Chelsea restaurant. Working for the contractor who constructed Willow Road and other well-known restaurants taught him about restaurant design. After finishing his university studies, Matthew joined ASG media as a Creative Department Assistant. This function entailed organizing products for advertising on the organization's website. From his early visits to LA farmers' markets, the renowned restaurant owner developed a taste for Mexican street food. In May 2016, he opened the restaurant Oso with his business partner and buddy Nodar Moshiashvili. Oso is currently a well-known North Harlem restaurant known for its Mexican fare. It's worth noting that Matt's father was opposed to the concept of opening a restaurant. He did not believe it was the best commercial move for him at the moment. According to the time statistics, over 80% of restaurants would close during the first year. Matthew, on the other hand, had done his homework and was not disheartened. He and his business partner spent a significant amount of time ensuring that their restaurant would be able to weather the market's hurdles. Their achievement demonstrates that they possessed the necessary skills.

Personal Life

He hasn't married, and Matthew Trebek's girlfriend is yet to be uncovered, despite having already promised his admirers that he will reveal the girl of her dreams. Matthew is dating an unknown woman. Trebek's siblings live the high life, and they have yet to announce which of their children is dating whom. Is Matthew Trebek married or unmarried? It's become a regular topic, and his followers are hoping for positive news. Matthew is an American entrepreneur that is passionate about the business in which he works.


Matthew Trebek has amassed a sizable fortune as a restaurateur and businessman. He has had a lot of success since opening his first restaurant in 2016. As of 2020, he is believed to have a net worth of $3 million, while his father, Alex Trebeck, is estimated to have $50 million. In July 2015, his father also gave him a $2 million property in Harlem. With his money, he is currently living a lavish and affluent lifestyle.

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Last Modified: Oct 12 2021
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