Molly Line

Molly Line is a news anchor and correspondent at a station which is affiliated to Fox News and entertainment. She is currently based at Boston.

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Molly was born at Verginia, in1977, 31 January. She spent her child hood at her home town. She attended Tucker County School to complete her high school. After that she joined Virginia Tech for graduation. She earned a bachelor degree in Mass Communication and Political Science. She came out of college in 1999. More than studies, she was admired for her beauty. She was interested in beauty competitions. She took part in Miss Greater Blue field beauty pageant and won it. She then moved ahead to participate in Miss West Virginia pageant. She participated for the title in 2002 also.

Before start working for Fox News she was at different channels. She started as a reporter in WDTV. She also served as a photographer there. Photography was her hobby and she has shot many historical places. She does photography naturally and very professionally. In an incident where a  maniac, Richer, planned to plant a bomb at a flight no.63, an  American Airline flight, was caught and jailed for 20 years, Molly covered the story. She covered a fire story at a club where as many as 100 people were burnt alive. It was rated as fourth most dangerous fire incident in the history of America.

In 2006, she joined FNC.

She is associated with many gripping news casts at Fox News also, at the same time she is doing breaking news too. In Newtown, she covered live shootout at Elementary school. This was December 2012 incident in Connecticut. It was also a second most hazardous shoot out in history of U.S. Covering this incident was a job of great courage. Boston bomb threat in 2007 was also covered by her.

Molly is well regarded for her dare devil story coverage. She is young and enthusiastic and it shows in her work. As all other celebrities she is also looked from her fans and admirers. She remains on social networking sites to be in touch with them.

According her face book posting she got engaged on 09 June 2011, and got married on 21 July 2012. Her marriage was held in New Hampshire.

Molly doesn’t like to share her personal life with everybody. Information regarding her marriage, husband or any date is not shared with media. Though she has a large male fan following all over the world, she is one of most searched personalities.

Molly’s personality is a positive point for her work and she is a beautiful, charming and good to see person. She has a screen presence and that connects her with her viewers instantly.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 27 Feb, 1993
Age: 27 yrs
Occupations: Golfer
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Bradenton
Gender: Female
Description: American professional golfer
Twitter Id: JessicaKorda
Net Worth 2021: 3 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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