Natalya Rudakova

Just as her name sounds, Natalya Rudakova was born in Russia on Valentine’s Day in 1985. This gorgeous actor has appeared in several movies, perhaps the one so obvious is ‘The Transporter’ alongside Jason Statham. She was born in St. Petersburg Russia, where she spent most of her childhood. She moved to New York with her parents when she was 17 where she lives to date. Her acting career came as an accident when she was noticed crossing the street. She was working at a salon in New York as a hair dresser at the moment.

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Acting career

According to IMDB, her acting career has been quite short lived as she was accidentally discovered. When The Transporter was still on the works, the co-writer happened to be in New York, saw her crossing the street fell in love with her and immediately gave her a role. Luc Besson then immediately took her for acting lessons in France since the movie was to be produced in Paris. The lessons lasted for six months while the shoot for the movie lasted for 16 weeks. Some of the scenes were also shot in Ukraine. Natalya who played Valentina took only 25 lessons and she ended up in a lead role in the ‘Transporter 3’.

When you talk of miracles or instant karma, Natalya is a great example of someone who slept a normal citizen and woke up a celebrity. She has not played in any other movie known to date but with her role here she is sure set to appear in many other movie scenes. This is an example of a sleeping talent or jewel waiting to be exploited.


Currently it is not known whether she has any other roles but ‘The Transporter’ surely catapulted her net worth to around five million USD. Probably she does other minor roles like advertising, promotions, endorsements or still works as a hair dresser.

Relationship status

Having already hit the age of 30 Natalya is still single. After becoming such a star one would wonder what she is still waiting for. She has not kept it open to the public to know whether she has had any affair yet but one thing is for sure that she is not married. She is still very sexy and hot with that characteristic, reddish hair style so we expect she should spread some good news soon.

Apart from her first lead role as an actor, Natalya is rumored to be interested in fashion and modeling. She has a characteristic Russian accent which makes her a unique actor. Probably it is because she has lived there for a long time. As the world is evolving and becoming more inclusive, more movies are being made which involve characters outside the US. She should be featuring in another movie soon, or if there is to be another Transporter in the trilogy, we should expect to see this cute actress. Her fiery hair and courageous demeanor has been well received in theaters and fans have also accepted her. As compared to all the other seasoned actors, who have been in the scene for a long time, Natalya has done exceptionally well.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 5 million
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Last Modified: Jul 10 2020
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