Noomi Rapace

Noomi Rapce is a Swedish actress who is famous for her portrayal as Lisbeth Salander in the adaptation of the Millennium Series. She is also seen in ‘The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest’, ‘Beyond’, ‘Monitor’ and so on. Rapace married Ola Norell in 2001. The couple chose the surname as Rapace. They had a son together. In 2010, the couple announced their separation and in 2011, the divorce was finalized. She filed for separation from her husband in Stockholm. Ola was accused of drug possession and his career got stagnated in 2001.

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At the same time, the career of Noomi was at its peak. Noomi wanted to move to the USA to give a chance to her international career. Initially, Ola agreed to move to wherever Noomi goes. Later, he was reluctant to move from Sweden. Noomi got selected for a role in the Sherlock Holmes movie and wanted to move to America. This caused cracks in the marriage.

There were a lot of rumors that tried to explain to the fans why Noomi got separated. Noomi denied all the rumors and said that there was no war and they decided to start their own lives separately. She agreed that there was a few fights and she said that it was because they were very intense.

She and Ola started dating when she was 21 and got married three months later. Her family considered this as a very crazy idea. She became pregnant within two years and initially decided to opt for an abortion. She did not want to spoil her upcoming career with a pregnancy. However, later decided to have the child.

After their separation, there were rumors that she started dating Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy was separated from his partner and Noomi was seen with him, a lot. They said that Noomi was trying to get him better from the break-up. Rumors started to rise about Noomi being Tom’s girlfriend. Noomi denied the rumor and said that Tom Hardy was back with his wife. In 2012, another rumor rose about her secret boyfriend, when she greeted a mystery man on her movie set. She never talked about him and denied to reply to any questions about him. She kissed him and greeted him to the set.

Noomi is single, as of now. She was never single since she was 13. She left home to start living with her lover when she was 14. After meeting Ola, she changed a lot and she said that Ola was not happy to see those changes in her. It is almost three years and she has never been in a love affair after Ola. There is no news about how the dating life of Ola is going. Noomi denied every rumor about her, dating. Her relationship with Ola after the separation is not known. There are no official reports about the separation settlement and also the details about the custody of the kid. The kid is now living with Noomi and his relationship with Ola is also not clearly described. But, Noomi said that she would have a smooth relationship with Ola for her son.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 28 Dec, 1979
Age: 40 yrs
Occupations: Actor
Film actor
Citizenship: Sweden
Birth Place: Hudiksvall
Education: Skara School Scene
Gender: Female
Description: Swedish actress
Spouse: Ola Rapace[2001-2011]
Net Worth 2021: 20 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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