Park Shin

If you may, Park Shin-hye, a South Korean mega star, has recently graduated. Impressively, she was awarded her bachelor degree from the Chung-Ang University on February, 15, 2016. Well, the 26 year old may have just completed her film and theatre studies, but she is someone who has been earning name and fame from acting, modeling and singing since her teen days. More precisely, she is known for her roles in television series such as You're Beautiful, Heartstrings, Flower Boys Next Door, The Heirs and Pinocchio, and also for her roles in movies such as Evil Twin, Cyrano Agency, Green Days: Dinosaur I, Miracle in Cell No.7, One perfect Day, The Royal Tailor, The Beauty Inside, and Older Brothers . Now moving on to her physique, Park is not a tall woman with the height of 5 feet and 6 inches. However, she has perfect slim-hourglass shape body that can make everyone jealous. Her body measurements are 32-25-33 approximately. Nevertheless, she is also known for her high fashion sense and her diverse range of hairstyles. If you don't know, she customizes her hair and looks as per as her roles demand. Talking about her relationship status, her relationship status is a mystery. Yes, it's true that she made headlines the previous year when she revealed that she has been dating someone on and off without public noticing. However, she didn't disclose the name of the person. Moreover, it was the TV Report interview in which she also said that she used to seriously wonder if she had no feminine charms because of no one being attracted to her. Nonetheless, Park is used to being romantically linked with her co-stars including Jong Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Suk. However, none of the connections are verifiable. Therefore, it will be safe to say that Park is currently a single woman enjoying her life. What kind of men Park likes you ask? If you are not aware, Park has said that she would love a family oriented and caring partner. She has also said in the past that she will marry when she gets around 30 years old. Plus, she is a kind of person who likes to keep her dating life private. Born on February 18, 1990 in Gwangiju, South Korea, Park didn't enjoy a stable childhood. She was a unhappy kid who was always felt sad of fellow kids making fun of her short body parts including nose, finger and hands. She later became so depressed that she even thought to undergo through a plastic surgery to alter her "ugly" nose. Fortunately, she didn't choose the plastic surgery option. Rather she went for a healthy diet habit and reasonable beauty options. No wonder, she is now known as one of the most stunning natural beauty in the world. Fashionista, Brand person, super model, singer and advertisement star, Park is a talented actress who has won several reputed awards including recently won Prime Minister's Award. Although her net worth is not known, we can still speculate it to be insanely high. Impressively, she has been enjoying both name and fame since her childhood days. However, she hasn't limited herself as a celebrity. Amazingly, she is also known as someone who has a big heart. She has organized charities in several countries and helped several organizations and people all over the world. Fans can connect Park on her social networking sites such as Twitter (985 k followers), Instagram (3.2 m followers) and Facebook (1950611 likes). Her Twitter handle is @ssinz, and her Twitter bio is given as: "???? ???? ???? ???? ? ????./?? ?? ??? ?? ??./ Joined May 2010"

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Quick Facts
Birth Date: 18 Feb, 1990
Age: 30 yrs
Citizenship: South Korea
Birth Place: Gwangju
Education: Chung-Ang University
Gender: Female
Description: South Korean actress and singer
Twitter Id: Ssinz
Net Worth 2021: 8 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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