Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall is known as a professional mixed martial artist currently competing in the featherweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is most famous for his elite Brazilian jiu-jitsu ability.

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Background and Age

Ryan Christopher Hall was born on February 22, 1985 in Arlington County, Virginia. He grew up being an enthusiast of baseball, basketball and American football, all games where he contended as a youth. In 2004 he started training jiu-jitsu at a mixed martial arts rec center in New York, named Ronin Athletics with Christian Montes.

Grappling was not Ryan's principle worry toward the start of his martial arts career, rather, Hall focussed most of his preparation doing Thai boxing. Following a couple of long periods of consistent beatings at the jiu-jitsu class, Ryan chose to assign a greater amount of his extra time to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. On July 2004 Ryan contended in his first BJJ competition, ending up quickly entranced with this fighting style. So much that he finished stopping school to concentrate exclusively on training.

Career and Net Worth

In 2012, Ryan Hall turned into a web sensation after a video was released of Hall guarding himself against an aggressive individual at an eatery. The recording on Youtube demonstrated a man being incredibly forceful and Hall attempting to quiet down the circumstance when it was evident the circumstance was not going to improve, he subdued the man in earnest style, pleasing fighters of bullies everywhere throughout the world and causing the video to turn into a viral video.

Ryan chose to get a new beginning at a career in 2012, selecting to train at the Tristar Gym Mixed Martial Arts program in Montreal, Canada. After enough regional fights, he was eventually signed to the UFC.

In July 2019, Ryan Hall had a great win at UFC 155 Fight Night. He defeated Darren Elkins in a three round decision but shocked fans when he knocked Elkins down with a roundhouse kick. Fans were surprised to see a new striking technique from Hall who is mostly known for his grappling skill set.

Marriage, Wife and Kids

Ryan Hall is married to Jen Hall who is also involved in BJJ. Jen is the Assistant Head Coach for the Adult Program and the Program Director for the Fifty/50 Academy's Children's Program, Jen is a first degree black belt under Ryan Hall.

Prior to taking up her post at the Fifty/50 Academy, Jen had prepared at a couple of other local Jiu-Jitsu rec centers, yet moved over to prepare under Ryan Hall full-time in 2008 and has seen her specialized skills and aggressive capacities grow exponentially under her husband. Following nine years of committed practice and world travel for contests against the best female grapplers, Jen was promoted to black belt by Ryan on October 14, 2014.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 19 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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