Sharon Munro

Sharon Munro is a wife to Lochlyn Munro and they got married after dating for some time. Their wedding happened in 1997 up and they are still together without any case of divorce. They have been blessed with two children and the children mean the world to her. There is no record of extra marital affair and he does not have any girlfriend now. Lochlyn Munro is actor who has been able to make happy millions of fans. He had worked hard to be able to reach to the level he is on now. He is well respected and reputed and in few years, he may be called a legend.

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According to his biography, he was born in 1966 and this means that he is around 50 years old. His birth place is Lac La Hache in the British Columbia in Canada. He is of Canada nationality and it is obvious that he is of Canada nationality. He is of white ethnicity. He is well toned and fantastic actor. He is a tall man and his height is of 1.80 meters. He is mesmerizing when he becomes shirtless. His fans can get access to his biography easily and he is an interesting character. His net worth is impressive and it is over 400 thousand dollars and this is the number that continues to increase every day. He is able to suit many roles and the way he portrays his role has always earned him good reviews.

Lochlyn Munro is active on the social media like Instagram and twitter. However, he is not too involved into Instagram. He has over 4700 followers at twitter and this proves that he is a popular person there. He had tweeted many times and his account had been verified and this means that he is the person who is using the account. He had been an amazing person in the movies or TV shows and this has contributed to the person he is now. He appeared in many movies like Freddy Vs Jason, Scary Movie, White Chicks and A Night at the Roxbury. For the television show, he is known for the recurring role where he was Jack Sheridan in Charmed, which is a supernatural drama. He was credited to have more than 200 roles in the movies and television dramas.

Together with his family, Lochlyn Munro lived in Lac La Hache in Canada and he decided to go into acting when he got a serious sports injury and it ended the dream of being a player of ice Hockey on professional level. When he was playing the music in different clubs in Vancouver, he studied the drama with the improvisational comedy. Afterwards, he got many roles in American projects and these include Wiseguy and Jump Street. He starred in Moment of Truth movies: Stand against fear where he is a high school jock.

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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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