Shep Smith

American television journalist known for his professionalism, truthfulness and on-screen skills, David Shepard  Smith Jr.  has been serving as the managing editor of Fox News Channel's Breaking News Division  and the host of the host of Shepard Smith Reporting since 2013

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If you don't know, he was a Fox reporter turned anchor when he got the promotion.  Sheperd joined the network in 1996 and has been a trademark of Fox ever since. Nevertheless, Sheperd has also worked on other reputable networks such as WJHG-TV, WCJB-TV, WBBH-TV and WCPX-TV. Previously, he was also worked as an corresponded for A Current Affair.

In his near to 30 years of shining media career, he has covered diverse range of stories including many major news stories such as "death and funeral of Princess Diana, Flordia ballot counting controversy, the execution of Timothy McVeigh, the events, aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Unrest in Ukraine and many more.

Born on January 14, 1964 in Holy Springs, Mississippi, United States to an English teacher mother and cotton merchant father, Shepard's parents' separated when he was in his senior year of a Holy Springs located K-12 private academy. After that, he moved to Florida along with his mother and brother and completed his senior year there.  

Now moving on to his physique, the American national of white ethnicity is  a tall man with the height of 6 feet. Impressively, Shep possesses an attractive body even at 52 as of 2016. Nevertheless, he is also credited for his good-looking face and clear cut short hair.

Talking about his relationship status, his current relationship status has been a sensational topic on the web since a long period of time. Rumor has it that, he has been dating someone inside the Fox since a long time now. According to the rumor, Fox's management has been halting his coming out process. More info on the story can be accessed via several sites on the web. Numerous websites has covered the story even providing some sources and witnesses. Previously, the University of Mississippi graduate was marriage to Virginia Donald from 1987 to 1993. If you don't know, Virginia and Donald first met in the University of Mississippi.

Impressively, Shepard's net worth is speculated to be amazingly high but the accurate figure is not known. Simply, he is someone who has made his own show "Shepard Smith Reporting" one of the top rated newscasts in cable news. 

And amazingly in a 2003's TV guide pole, he tied for second place as the most trusted news anchor in both network and cable news. If you may, he has a proven track record of criticizing politicians and liars, uncovering hoaxes, impressively giving hard time to his interviewee and bravely reporting from tough situations. That's why people trust him.  

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Last Modified : Feb 27 2016