Timothy Hogan 

Timothy Hogans is a famous photographer who has worked with numerous top line companies like Maybelline, Visa and others. He has a very fruitful career in advertising and product designing.

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Personal life

Tim was born in New York. He has never spoke about his family or siblings. He has not even mentioned his parents’ name or their occupation. He has never shared any of his childhood stories to media. There are no pictures of him with his family on the internet. There are no details about his ethnicity or race. He has once stated that he was fascinated about photography from a very young age. He has kept every aspect of his personal life away from media.

His romantic relationship, marriage, girlfriend and others are secretive. He is never seen with any woman on a date or with anyone who can be gossiped to be his romantic interest. It is not even known whether he is married or single. He is not known to have fathered a child. No woman has ever come up to media and have announced that she has dated or married Tim, in the past. He is not allegedly involved in any extra marital affair or had been a part of any celebrity affair. In the past, he was known to be living in New York and London. There was no news to whether he lived alone or was with his girlfriend. Now, he is living in Santa Monica, in California. There are no pictures of the interior of his house either.

None from his friends or people from his close circle has anybody heard more details about him. There are numerous clients and craftsmen who are ready to talk about his involvement in the career or about the awards and recognitions he has gained. When it comes to personal life, he wants his biography to be blank. A lot of celebrities keep their personal life to themselves to avoid any gossips or problems in their personal life. With nothing to gossip on, the number of stories being cooking about them would be reduced.


Tim studied photography in college and graduated in 1998 from Syracuse University. He became versed with traditional photography and then took up digital style. After graduating, he moved to New York where he worked as an assistant for a year. He started his own studio in 2000. He also worked with several other studios in New York. He has been working with cameras for full time ever since he got graduated. In 2012, he founded and directed He is working as a furniture and product designer now. Today, he is a very successful advertisement photographer and product designer. He is specialized in almost all forms of photography.

It is understood that he makes a lot of money as every project that he has undertaken is a great success. But, he has not revealed about his salary or net worth. It is believed to be in millions. He is an inspiration to any photographer in the world. He has made his dreams come true and also has managed to be the best in what he does.

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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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