Tony Parsons


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Tony Parsons is a television broadcaster, writer and a journalist who was born in the year 1953 on November 6. Tony was born and raised at Romford in Essex and he was the one and only son to his parents. Until he was 5 years old, they lived in a flat for rent which was just above a shop at Essex. Later they completely switched and moved to their own house at Billericay in Essex.


Personal Life & Education

Tony’s father is a retired Royal Naval Commando and he has acquired the prestigious medals for his distinguished service during the World War II. Later, he became a lorry driver, greengrocer and a market trader. His mom is a school dinner working women. Out of interest, Tony joined the grammar school however he gave-up the class when he was 16 years old. He was employed in some low-paid and hopeless unskilled jobs.

Further Tony was employed at the City Insurance Company where he worked as a computer assistant. In his leisure time, he showed keen interest in sharpening his literary talents and skills. He published an underground paper known the Scandal Sheet. Tony Parsons married a NME Journalist called Julie Burchill. Together this pair answered the advert soliciting Hip, Young Gunslingers’ for practicing as a new writer. In the year 1979, they both wrote a book and titled it The Boy Looked at Jhonny. This journalist pair where blessed with a son and they named him as Bobby Kennedy Parsons. There raised a mess-up in their relationship and the marriage life ended up in a collapse during the year 1984.

Tony took care of his 4 years old little one by himself being single. Being single and taking care of the small kid was to score unbelievable success in his future selling novel called Man and Boy. In the year 1987, Tony’s father passed away due to the deadly disease cancer and even her mother had cancer attack and she died in the year 1999. His mom died just one week before the release of Man and Boy. Parsons stated that the book Man and Boy is dedicated to his deceased mom.

Later in the year 1992, Tony got married to a Japanese woman called Yuriko. This couple was blessed with a girl kid called Jasmine. Right now, Tony is very happily seen together with his family including wife and daughter. Also they reside in London right now.


 In the year 1974, Tony started his career in Gordon’s Gin at London where he got acute gin allergy. Moreover he wrote his first innovative novel presentation too. His first novel was The Kids and it was published by New English Library in the year 1976. During the 1976 summer time, New Musical Express announced for new writers. At this time, Tony submitted his writing piece and kept the novel submitted for review. Once after submitting the novel, he was honored with the staff writer work. For the succeeding 10 years time, Tony kept writing about comics. His first news coverage will include The Clash that features at Six Pistols, Heads Romones, Bruce Springsteen, Talking Heads and more.

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