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30 Day Body Intense Cut

This video shows one of my favorite channels on youtube: Buzzfeed. In this video Buzzfeed does the leg work of finding some men that need to cut some body fat and that are willing to accept that chall...Read more

Discover your younger self

This video is actually from one of my favorite channels on youtube: This channel features a charismatic middle aged male that tries to enlighten everyone across the internet with his t...Read more

Guy unknowingly opens a Pokemon card box worth 11,000 dollars.

A Pokemon Youtuber ordered a sealed booster box from the 90's for 1,000 dollars. Already, that is an incredibly rare thing to find. He started to unbox the cards and was feeling giddy and whatnot beca...Read more

USWNT Arrive in Brazil, Ready for Action

This video is focused on the U.S Women's national team's journey to Brazil for the summer Olympic games in Brazil. In the video we meet a couple players such as Crystal Dunn, Tobin Heath and Kelley O'...Read more

Gopro Gone??

"This story starts with a family vacation, a family filming their annual outing to the river using his Go-pro camera strapped on his head. He jumped into the river and the camera popped off of his hea...Read more


Eoin Morgan

Eoin Joseph Gerard Morgan is an English cricketer who is at present the captain of the English One Day and Twenty 20 teams He was born on 10th September 1986 at Dublin Ireland...Read more

Jan 24 2017

Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler is a well-known who plays for the national cricket team of the England. He played in several world cups and he had contributed in a lot of matches for England. He is famous for his aggressive batting style and he is widely loved by his fa...Read more

Jan 24 2017

Jonathan Trott

Jonathan Trott is a well-known cricketer who played for English team. He was born in South Africa but he didn’t get a chance to play for South African Team. He bailed out his team in a tight situation in many matches. He was also honoured by the aw...Read more

Jan 24 2017

Ben Hilfenhaus

Ben Hilfenhaus is Benjamin William Hilfernhaus and he plays in Tasmania His bowling styles are seam bowling and fast bowling His wife is Meri Jenkins and they got married in 2012...Read more

Jan 24 2017

Joe Burns

Joe Burns was born in 1986 and in Queensland He is an Australian cricketer His batting style is right handed with a right arm medium bowling style There is no record of his parents and net worth...Read more

Jan 23 2017

Alastair Cook

Alastair Cook is an English cricketer with a left hand batting style His wife is Alice Hunt and got married in 2011 They have a daughter Elsie Cook He has 10 million dollars as a net worth...Read more

Jan 23 2017
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