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Brother reporters, two distinct visions of photojournalism

This is documentary is the story of two brothers, that happen to be some of the most celebrated photojournalist in their home state of Sinaloa Mexico. The documentary is an expose from one point of vi...Read more

Husband ruins his future

This video is of one of my favorite youtubers, and him and his wife compete in a lie detector test challenge. The goal of this challenge is for one of the partners to ask the other something, and if t...Read more

Animals that will make you ROFL

These animals were hilariously funny. Witness these animals do crazy antics that will make you laugh out loud in your seat as you watch these compiled videos of animals. Either if you are a dog, cat o...Read more

Untold story of the Sumerians

"Where did humans come from? Were we genetically engineered? In this video archaeologist discusses origin of man kind and where we came from. It goes in details about Annunaki and how they came to ear...Read more

From Dabling to Doing

A student shares some painting tips for beginning painters. These range from: starting with lower-priced paints and canvases to to feel less inhibited by removing some of the fear of making a mistake...Read more


Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is an American professional baseball player He is mostly known to be a player for The New York Yankees team for 12 years Previously he also played for The Texas Rangers and The Seattle Mariners team...Read more

Mar 20 2017

Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan or Timothy Theodor Duncan is an American Basketball player known as the best power forwards of all time Duncan was born on 25th April 1976 as the third child of Lone Duncan and William Duncan...Read more

Mar 20 2017

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson was born on 14th August 1959 He was born in Lansing Michigan of the United States to to Christine Johnson and Earvin Johnson He is one of the best players of America for 12 years...Read more

Mar 20 2017

Dustin Pedroia

Pedroia was born to Guy and Debbie owners of a tire shop in Woodland California on 17th of August in 1983 This Boston Red Sox player is one of the top sportsmen in the world who has been awarded American League Most Valuable Player in 2008...Read more

Mar 12 2017

Buster Posey

Buster Posey is American professional baseball catcher and plays in San Francisco Giants He is married to Kristen Posey and his net worth is 10 5 million dollars He appears in commercials...Read more

Mar 12 2017

Josh Donaldson

Josh Donaldson is American professional player in Toronto Blue Jays for MLB He did not grow up with both parents but his mother His girlfriend is Jillian Rose His net worth is 500 000 dollars...Read more

Mar 12 2017
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