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China is the world's fastest millionaires producing country

If you judge a nation by its millionaires, the you're going to hold the US in high regard. But China is actually creating millionaires at a faster clip than US....Read more

By: Nancy Baker | General | Jun 23 2016

A professional hacker explains some of his secrets

The technological threats that have occurred during those years seem to be following a certain pattern: The aspiring hackers find a way to violate a system in order to get access to valuable informati...Read more

By: Nancy Baker | General | Jun 23 2016

8 Little Known Sports

There are all sorts of sports out there that you probably have never heard of. Whether this is because it is just a boring sport or has not reached the right audience, it is difficult to tell. ...Read more

By: Nancy Baker | General | Jun 10 2016

Tesla is in 'hot pursuit' of the police cruiser market

Tesla’s cars are renowned for their luxury privileges, artistic design and innovative technologies. Combining all the above, and an electric engine, the company’s Model S, is one of the handful of...Read more

By: Bill Thompson | General | May 27 2016

Is 'Dirty Grandpa' Robert De Niro's Downfall?

Could this movie signal De Niro’s end in his career? The movie industry may appear to be a world where everybody is rich, free and happy, but as real as it may seem, it’s actually nearly impossibl...Read more

By: Bill Thompson | General | May 27 2016


Sophia Adella

One of the Hispanic acting beauties is Sophia Adella known for her lead role in the movie Knockout. She has managed to keep her life history a secret and from the media all this time. The only thing that she has revealed to the world is that her real...Read more

Aug 10 2016

Ayla Kell

Ayla Kell was born in LA, California on 7th October 1990. Young, and pretty, she is one of the most promising actresses of our time. Being 5’5” tall, she is famed for her role on ‘Make it or Break it’ show on ABC Family. She has been active o...Read more

Aug 10 2016

Lola Van Wagenen

Rarely do we see environmentalists and historians enter the celebrity book but Lola Van Wagenen has done exactly that. She was part of the team that founded the Consumer Action Now and Clio Visualizing History Inc. She was born in the US in December ...Read more

Aug 10 2016

Dale Dickey

Dale Dickey started the on-screen acting when Microsoft released the Window 95 or 1995 and she is a native of Knoxville and found the niche in the character roles throughout her acting career. She is beautiful and tall with 5 feet and 10 inches. She ...Read more

Aug 10 2016

Cindy Bridges

Cindy Bridges is an actress who was born in the United States and she has been successful for a long period in different careers. She is a popular person and she stars in many roles including the TV series like The Lloyd Bridges show or in the Loner....Read more

Aug 10 2016

Anne Archer

Anne Archer was born in the year 1947 and she is American actress. She got nominated for Academy Award because she was the Best Supporting actress in the Fatal Attraction in 1987. Her film appearance includes Lullaby, Clear and Present Danger, Short ...Read more

Aug 10 2016
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