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Brother reporters, two distinct visions of photojournalism

This is documentary is the story of two brothers, that happen to be some of the most celebrated photojournalist in their home state of Sinaloa Mexico. The documentary is an expose from one point of vi...Read more

Husband ruins his future

This video is of one of my favorite youtubers, and him and his wife compete in a lie detector test challenge. The goal of this challenge is for one of the partners to ask the other something, and if t...Read more

Animals that will make you ROFL

These animals were hilariously funny. Witness these animals do crazy antics that will make you laugh out loud in your seat as you watch these compiled videos of animals. Either if you are a dog, cat o...Read more

Untold story of the Sumerians

"Where did humans come from? Were we genetically engineered? In this video archaeologist discusses origin of man kind and where we came from. It goes in details about Annunaki and how they came to ear...Read more

From Dabling to Doing

A student shares some painting tips for beginning painters. These range from: starting with lower-priced paints and canvases to to feel less inhibited by removing some of the fear of making a mistake...Read more


Eri Fukatsu

The Japanese actress, Eri Fukatsu has brilliantly showcased her talents both in acting and singing, proudly winning a lot of awards and a thousand hearts too....Read more

Jun 1 2017

Nick Compton

Born on 26th June, 1983 in Durban, South Africa, Nick Richard Denis Compton is an English right-handed top order batsman and right-arm off spinner. e was the grandson of Denis Compton, a well-known test cricketer of England and an Arsenal footballer....Read more

Apr 20 2017

Mirai Shida

Mirai Shida is a well known Japanese actress Mirai has appeared in many movies TV shows dramas and photo books She is well known for her role in The Queen s Classroom...Read more

Apr 20 2017

Suzu Hirose

At the age of 18 Suzu Hirose has achieved much in fame industry in various fields other than movies and TV shows...Read more

Apr 20 2017

Chris Jordan

Christopher Jordan is best known for his lead in wickets taking as a fast bowler. Jordan has active profiles on Facebook, twitter and instagram under profile name @CJordan, however his net worth has not been disclosed yet....Read more

Apr 14 2017

Mike Brearley

MikeBrearley s captaincy is considered one of a kind and his batting style was of right hand Former cricketer then turned to author has made his way after retirement too...Read more

Apr 14 2017
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