Bob Beckel

Published : Sep 12 2013 | Modified : Mar 27 2016

Bob Beckel- Biography

Bob Beckel is the popular host of the well known show’ The Fives’ which is aired on Fox News Channel. He co-writes a political column with Cal Thomas for USA Today. The articles include policy issues on which both try to find a common ground for their opposing views.

Early Life

Bob Beckel, brother to actor Graham Beckel was born on 15th November 1948 in New York City, New York. Born to parents Cambridge and Ellen Beckel, Bob’s childhood was spent in Lyme, Connecticut. He graduated from Wagner College in Staten Island, NY and is a graduate school professor at George Washington University, Washington D.C. where he teaches presidential politics. He got married to Leland Ingham in 1992 and the couple has two children. However, he got a divorce from her in 2002.  

Political Career

He got initiated into politics while in his twenties during Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign. After serving for the Peace Corps and tasting success whilst leading his own consulting firm, he joined the US Department of State in 1977. He joined Walter Mondale’s 1984 presidential campaign as its manager and successfully supervised the activities. He was the one responsible for wrapping the slogan ‘Where’s the Beef?’ around Gary Hart, Mondale’s opponent. He was also responsible for managing Alan Blinken’s campaign for the Senate seat in 2002, but he could not prove his worth as he was dismissed due to charges of extortion by a prostitute.

Career In Media

Bob Beckel is a stalwart in political commentary and created a first of sorts by being the sole liberal political forecaster on the conservative Fox News channel. He is the current co-anchor of the popular Fox show, ‘The Five’, and he is one of the five individuals who dissect sensational news of the day. He also features on other channels such as CNN, CBS and ITN. He co-anchored the debate oriented political talk show ‘Crossfire Sunday’ along with Tony Snow and then with Lynne Cheney. This used to be featured on every Sundays from 7.30 – 8.00 p.m. (ET).  On CBS, the programs on which he appeared were CBS News, Good Morning America and has featured as a guest on Meet the Press, Face the Nation and Nightline. Mutual Radio’s Buchanan & Company had him as their co-host.

Literary Activities

The popular book, ‘Common Ground: How to Stop the Partisan War That is Destroying America’ is being co-authored by him along with his long time friend Cal Thomas. He is a weekly columnist for USA Today called ‘Common Ground’ which he writes with Cal Thomas. Bob’s liberal views and Cal’s conservative ones on various policy matters try to find a common ground in this column.

Other Activities

Bob Beckel heads the Cassidy Company named ‘Beckel Cowan’ which deals in grassroots campaigns and analysis of the political scenario for assessing trends and developments in American politics. The grassroots activities are carried out for various American corporate, NGOs and trade associations. He also proved his acting skills by appearing in the eighth season of the premier show ‘24’ as himself.

Bob Beckel is also known for his various controversial comments and a recovering alcoholic.

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