Kelly Evans

By: Nancy Baker | Oct 27 2013

Kelly was born on 17 July 1985 in Lexington and is an American Journalist who hosts the show Squawk on the Street. She was earlier working in the London office of CNBC but now is based in the CNBC office at New Jersey. Before joining CNBC, she was a reporter at the Wall Street Journal; she used to write columns like “Heard on the Street” and “Ahead on the Tape”. She joined CNBC in 2012.

Kelly Evans married, salary, net worth, boyfriend, height, legs
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Kelly graduated from Washington & Lee University in Lexington with a bachelor’s degree and was very good a sports in her school days. She graduated in business journalism. She joined the Journal in 2007 to cover Real Estate and economics.

She is five feet ten inches tall and has a lot of fan following. Evans was a moderator for the 2012 republican primary debate in 2012. She also moderated the debate between Ann Coulter and James Carville. Evans started with her career during the recession and believes that all youngsters should increase their efficiencicy for the economy to work well.

She says that she loves to simplify the huge figures and industry jargons and bring the real economic condition in front of the common man’s eyes. Her salary is not known as well. Her net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million. Her height is 5' 10" and therefore, she has attractive legs as well.

She maintains a low profile on her personal life and does not reveal about her boyfriend. Kelly tweets from @kelly_Evans and is not very comfortable with a very huge fan following and the kind of posts on from the fan group called “Kelly’s heroes” where they post screenshots of Kelly regularly. Kelly Evans married is not public yet. Upon searching public record, no record of her marriage popped up.

Kelly recently wrote an article One Nation, Dangerously divided in which she mentions that the unemployment rate has come down now in the U.S and the corporate situation is also much better but there are huge differences between the republicans and the democrats over the entitlement system.

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