Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez was born in April the 2nd in 1975. He comes from Yonkers, in the state of New York in the United States of America. His birth name is Adam Michael Rodriguez. He is the brother of Vanessa Rodriguez, who is a casting director. They are both the children of a mother and father from Puerto Rican heritage, with the latter one having a Cuban heritage too.

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He studied at the Clarkstown High School North. A school located in New York City. He finished in 1993. During his time there, he suffered an injury that cut short his dreams of being a professional baseball player. Because of that accident he could not continue with a sports career, so he was sent to learn theatre. By the age of ten he was already trying out auditions at The Bill Cosby Show.

He stopped his education there and started to work. He was a real state agent, and had a stint in a brokerage firm. All of these while he was seeking a role as an actor.


Thanks to his father, recognizing Bill Clark, executive producer of the procedural crime series NYPD Blue, as an old friend from his time in the military. His father contacted Adam with his old friend and got him a bit part in an episode of the twelve seasons long American Broadcasting Company procedural series.


After his experience at the American Broadcasting Company he continued to try his luck in various other shows such as: Roswell, Brooklyn South, Felicity, and Resurrection Blvd, among many others. His fame came when he was cast for yet another procedural crime series, CSI: Miami. He became one of the permanent roles in the Columbia Broadcasting System show, he played Erik Delko.

His work there started back in 2002. . Clearly, he went through some time having small episodic roles before he became a recognizable face. From 1997 to 1998 he appeared as a minor character in the Columbia Broadcasting System series, Brooklyn South. He appeared at the end of the nineties as a bit part role in the aforementioned Felicity, a Jeffrey Jacob Abrams and Matthew George Reeves created the series. In that same year, 1999, he also had a bit part in the long running National Broadcasting Company procedural crime drama series Law and Order. Also that same year, he was cast by Fox to participate in the television pilot for Ryan Caulfield: Year One.


His work in television started as it has been already said, when his father noticed that his old friend, Billy Clark was the executive producer of NYPD Blue. From then on he went to participate in many other shows having bit parts, Felicity has already been mentioned. Then he also participated in roles that were featured in various episodes in the series Resurrection Blvd, a Showtime produced series. One can also name his roles in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He participated in that procedural series, also belonging to Columbia Broadcasting System in 2002.

Then his role in CSI: Miami opened many roles to him, which enabled him to work on other tv shows. He continued working for the Columbia Broadcasting System as he appeared in many other shows from their property, one of which is Queens Supreme.


Apart from that, he also has acted in various movies, among them: the short feature Details. He also had a small part in the Dimension Films produced film Impostor. He also participated in many other projects starting in the 2000s.

His net worth is about 14 million dollars.

Personal Life

Now this biography will concentrate on more personal information. He is a father, his daughter is Frankie Elle Rodriguez. He was married to Alexandra Cheron. She was his wife for a year.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 2 Apr, 1975
Age: 45 yrs
Occupations: Actor
Television actor
Film actor
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Yonkers
Gender: Male
Description: American actor
Net Worth 2021: 16 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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