Alesha Dixon

Alesha Anjenette Dixon is a British dancer, singer, rapper, TV presenter and model. He is famous for her R&B/garage trio Mis Teeq. She is now a judge on Britain’s got Talent. She got married to Mc Harvey in 2005. The marriage was not smooth and they got separated in 2006.  She announced that she is having  a baby in 2014 with her dancer boyfriend, Azuka Ononye. The pair was known to be together for about 7 years. They had a major break up between them, but, they got together soon.

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Azuka was with Alesha right from the point her husband left her. The rumor about McHarvey and Javine Hylton was the main reason for the divorce, according to many sources. It was said that Alesha wanted to end the relationship with Harvey because of this affair and Harvey wanted to remain married.

However, soon after the separation, Harvey started living with Javine and made her pregnant. Javine announced that she does not deserve forgiveness from Alesha and said that she did have a romantic relationship with Harvey when he was married to Alesha. In a show, Harvey stated that he was sorry for causing Alesha, pain. He recited the words that Alesha said when she decided to go in separate ways. She asked him to take whatever was his and she would talk her things and wanted to get out of his life. Harvey said that he wouldn’t have cheated on his wife, if they had any children. Ironically, he cheated on Javine when she was pregnant and she left him. According to the Javine’s statement, Harvey cheated on Alesha, 7 times.

Alesha was called by Javine’s lover to inform that they both were cheating on her when he walked into them having sex in Javine’s house. Harvey accepted that he had a relationship with Javine, but, denies that he was caught by her lover. He said that Javine’s ex wanted to make money out of his relationship when he saw his car outside Javine’s house.

He did not want to be married to Alesha and thus, he did not lie when she asked her about the relationship. Alesha took the separation very gracefully and maturely. After the separation, Alesha started to have the best of her career and the career of Harvey became less successful.

Alesha was excited about being a mother. She announced her pregnancy with Az’s kid when she was six months pregnant. She said that she is happy about being a girlfriend to someone who is not a celebrity. Az is a Nigerian dancer. They got close together only after 2010. She started tagging him as her lover since 2012.

There were rumors that Alesha was having a relationship with Harvey even after they got separated. However, both of them denied it. He openly apologized to her in Celebrity Big Brother and he said that he lied to God and cheated on her. He said that he regrets for breaking the one year marriage. Apparently, Alesha did not watch the show and she did not want to do it anytime.

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Last Modified : Mar 27 2016