Allenn Payne

Allen Payne was given birth to in Harlem New York, on the 7th of July 1968. Allen Payne is a African American born to Allen Roberts and Barbara reeves. He had just one sibling and plenty of close family members around that was considered immediate family. Growing up as a child he attended Pennsauken high school in New Jersey. He also took dance lessons. He spent most of his youth live in New York.

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Personal life

Allen Payne has kept a low profile throughout his career and has had a very private personal life. Whether he's married in real life no one knows as this information about his personal life is yet to be known. There have been no reports of Allen Payne being married, even rumours of him dating someone or having a girlfriend has not been heard, but he has a child and information about the child has not been disclosed.

Although there have been rumours of him being gay but no one actually knows as he lives a very discrete life. Allen has also showed no interest in social media platforms like twitter or Instagram unlike his colleagues he lives an anti-social life. Little or less about Allen Payne’s bio can be told.

His absence from social networks proves he likes keeping his personal life very private.


He has proven to be a very good and professional actor in the film and television industry, he has featured in top rated TV shows and movies. Allen has had a very fantastic career through his work years. He has featured in numerous movies throughout his career and has worked with a list actors.

He was popularly known for the role he played on Tyler Perry’s house of Payne, a television series which aired from 2006-2012, he was also known for a role he played in the film new jack city.

His first appearance on TV was The Cosby Show in 1990.  He played the role of lance rodman for two seasons, he featured as Marcus stokes on an episode in season two of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Apart from his work on television series he has also featured in films like Jason’s lyric where he co-starred with Jada Pinkett smith, then in dead mike he had a lead role as the film was produced by nelson George.

He also starred in films like The walking Dead, Rooftops, New Jack City, Crossover, CB4, Blue hill avenue, 30 years of life and playas ball.


All of Us

The fresh prince of Bel-Air

The Cosby show

Double platinum

A Different world

CSI:NY episode "officer blue"

Tyler Perry’s House of Payne



Men Cry in The Dark

The Walking Dead

Jason lyric



Vampire in Brooklyn


What's Done in the dark

Blue Hill Avenue

30 Years of life

The Perfect storm

A price above Rubies

Playas Ball

The Tuskegee Airmen

Double platinum

New jack city

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Last Modified : Apr 17 2016