Amy Colley

Infobox pageant titleholder template Amy Estella Colley is an American beauty queen who has competed in the Miss USA competition. She is a Miss Tennessee USA 2005.

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Amy Colley was born on 27 March 1984. She was born in Jonesborough, Tennessee, the United States. The real name of Amy Colley is Amy Estella Colley. She is a beauty queen from Tennessee. Amy Colley won the Miss Tennessee title in 2005 at the age of 21. Besides her biography can boast with Miss Tennessee title, she is also known as the former girlfriend and lover of the country music superstar Kenny Chesney, a man whose net worth is an astronomical sum of $115,000,000. His bio boasts over 20 recorded albums. Kenny Chesney was born on 26 March 1968. His birthplace is Knoxville, Tennesse, the United States, at the St. Mary's Medical Center. He was raised in Corryton. Kenny Chesney is of both Irish and English descent. His parents are David Chesney, an ex-elementary school teacher, and Kevin's mother is Karen Chandler Chesney, a hairdresser from Knoxville. His mother said that Kenny was a good baby and could even sing when he was a baby! Kevin isn't alone – he has one sister named Jennifer Chandler. Kenny has been an avid fan of football and baseball since a young age. He also started making music when he was very young; for example, when he received his first guitar for Christmas, he started making music and singing along to his "Terminor "guitar. The full name of this of an enormous net worth is Kenneth Arnold Chesney. He was born in the sign of Aries. Kenny never imagined that from his interest in music he gained from the "Terminor "guitar, he would accumulate a net worth of $115,000,000 and that his music would be featured in several top-grossing movies.


Amy Coley finished elementary school and a high school in Jonesborough, Tennessee. Coley is a graduate of East Tennesse University. However, Kenny Chesney's bio's former boyfriend and possible husband states that he completed primary education at an elementary school in Knoxville, Tennessee. Kenny later attended Gibbs High School, and he graduated in 1986 from it. At Gibs High School, his interest was playing football and playing baseball. After his high school education, Kenny Chesney attended the East Tennessee University in Johnson City, Tennessee, where he studied advertising. While he was attending East Tennessee University, Kenny started a college band with his colleagues, and they played at various bars. He graduated from East Tennessee University in 1991.


Amy Coley bio states that she is a full-time registered nurse, besides being Miss Tennessee in 2005. On the other hand, her boyfriend, who she wanted to be married to, Kenny Chesney, started his career at a very young age. His initial career began when he was at the college and founded a band with his colleagues. They were performing at local bars but were considered an amateur and baby musicians. He even created an album with his band and was selling it at their shows. After he had graduated from East Tennessee University, he went to Nashville to pursue his career as a musician. He had a slow start in Nashville, but after few years, he signed a contract with BNA Records and went gold and platinum with many of his songs during the early 1990s. 2001 was the year he released his Greatest Hits album, and after that album, new albums were lining in the row. He was awarded in 2004 Entertainer of the Year title by Country Music Association.

Personal life

Kenny Chesney was dating for a short time Miss Tennessee Amy Colley. They never married, organized the wedding or had a baby. According to Kenny's biography, when Amy Colley gave birth to one of her children, it was suspected that the baby was Kenny's. Kenny Chesney now has a girlfriend, and they plan to be married, have a baby, and organize a spectacular wedding.

Kenny Chesney has an Instagram profile and Twitter profile. He also has an official Facebook page and regularly posts about his music there.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 3 million
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