Apollo Nida

Apollo Nida was been born as Appollo Edard Nida in Georgia. He was born in 1978 and he is of African Americana and white ethnicity. He is a personal trainer, he has a net worth of 250,000 dollars. He is a husband to Phaedra Parks and their children are Ayden Adonis Nida with Dylan Nida. 

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Apollo Nida was born to an Italian American woman with an African American father but his parents were not married which means that he was raised by his single mother. His father did not play a role into his life and he was coming into his life when he wanted to. He got a job as a car rep when he finished his high school. Appollo met her future wife in 1995 when he was 17 while she was 23 in the college. They met through mutual friends.

He was sentenced because of racketeering and having stolen goods. He got out because of Parole and he committed both crimes in 1997. When he got out, he started again her relationship with Phaedra and they got their first children in 2010. Their marriage took place in 2010in Buckhead Atlanta. They got their second baby in 2013 and her wife invested into his personal training business.  He developed her physique when he was in prison since he was smaller before he got arrested. His body got more attention with Atlanta Housewife series where he has some photos taken shirtless.

Pheadra gave him 50,000 dollars so that he can launch NidaFitness which is a site that offers fitness gear and tips.  He worked as a personal trainer while planning to open up his own fitness gym.  They worked together with his wife in order to put up a workout DVD in 2012.

Even if Apollo Nida got married to Phaedra Park and with two children, he does not seem to be off the trouble and he was arrested again in 2014 because of bank fraud and theft.  It is believed that as he is waiting to be given a chance to plead guilty, Phaedra also wants to get divorce from him. Phaedra had not yet decided to go back into the new season of Real Housewives for Atlanta.

As a salary to appear in RHOA or Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks is paid 300k dollars while the husband Apollo get 50K-75K dollars.  For the reunion show for Phaedra got 75K dollars. Phaedra net worth is 2 million.  The show was sometime controversial because of Apollo when his wife accused another co-star Kenya Moore to flirt with his husband.  Parks confirmed this showing some texts lines that she thinks that they were not appropriate. However, people advices Kenya to watch her back since Phaedra may be a Scorpio girl. However, People say that Kenya may be looking to create a drama so that she can be voted the queen of drama. However, regardless of the reason to do what she does, everyone loves the show and they want to see the entire cast came back. 

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 400 thousand
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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