Atsuko Maeda

Published : Apr 14 2017 | Modified : Apr 14 2017

Atsuko Maeda is a 25 years old singer and an actress who belongs to Japan. Her birth place is Ichikawa, Chiba, Japan. Her birth date is 10th July, 1991. Her nicknames are- Acchan, Mamemoyashi and Daamae. There is no information regarding Atsuko Maeda’s parents yet. It is said that she has a younger sister and her name is Miyuki.

Maeda is a member of the famous group named AKB48. AKB48 is a Japanese idol group. Atsuko auditioned for getting into this group and was selected. There were 24 girls in this group. Atsuko joined this group when she was just 14 and she made her first appearance with the group on 8th December, 2005. She joined AKB38 in the month of October of year 2005 and was placed in Team A. She performed many songs with this group and she became popular due to her hard work and wonderful performances.

She is dedicated towards her work and she mostly placed in the centre of the stage while performing. Some of the songs performed by AKB48 are- “Aitakatta”, “Bingo!”, “Romance, Irane”, “Skirt, Hirari” and many others. Maeda declared about leaving the group AKB48, during a concert at the Saitama Super Arena. All the fans were very upset on hearing this news.

During her last performance with the group, there were more than two lac reservations for concert tickets. There was arrangement for a farewell party for her which was held at the AKB48 theatre on 27th of August. The farewell party was being streamed live over YouTube on that day, for the fans. Maeda graduated from AKB48 in the year 2012.

On 22nd June, 2011, Maeda’s solo song “Flower” was released. She had made an announcement about her solo single on 23rd April. This song was gaining huge success and was voted number one song according to the Oricon Charts. On the first week of the release, more than 1.7 lac copies of the song were sold. In this way, Maeda gained even more fame and success by her solo songs. Some other songs sung by Maeda are- “Kimi wa Boku Da”, “Seventh chord” and “Time Machine Nante Iranai”.

Atsuko Maeda was interested in acting too. She appeared in many movies and TV shows. She stepped into the field of acting in the year 2007 when she appeared in the movie “Ashita no Watashi no Tsukurikata”. She performed the role of a supporting actress. After the first movie, she also played a role in the movie “Moshidora” which was released in the year 2011. Thereafter she appeared in many movies. Some other movies which starred Maeda are given here- “Seventh Code”, “Eight Ranger 2”, “Initiation Love”, etc.

Maeda played the role of Kyoko Yoshizawa in the TV series “Dokonjo Gaeru”, she was the lead actress in this series. The show was aired in July, 2015. She also starred in the TV drama “Busujima Yuriko no Sekirara Nikki” in the year 2016. Its first episode was aired on 20th April, 2016. Other TV dramas in which Maeda has appeared are- “Leaders”, “Gou Gou, The Cat 2”, “Inspector Zenigata”, etc.

Maeda starred in some documentaries also. In the year 2011, she worked on her first documentary which was the “documentary of AKB48”. Later three more sequels of this documentary were released.

Maeda is an active member on social websites like instagram and also on the twitter. She has 5,07,000 followers on instagram. Maeda is a shy person and she is very innocent and she lacks self confidence and this is why she is adored and loved by her fans, a lot. Atsuko Maeda’s net worth is not known yet and it is under review. It is said that her net worth has increased considerably in the year 2017.

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