Avril Lavigne

She was born as Avril Lamona Lavigne in Belleville, ON, Canada on Sept 27th, 1984 to French Canadian parents. Her father named her Avril, which in French means April. By the time, she turned 15, she was under contract to record 2 albums with Arista Records, worth $2 million dollars. By 2002, she released her first album called “Let’s go”, she was then 17 years old. She made the youngest female to reach #1 in the UK by 2013. On a worldwide level, she achieved the target of having millions of albums sold. Her solo “Complicated” went viral on a global level, reaching # 1 on many continents. Her album “Under my skin” reached # in the USA, in 2004. In 2007, she had made the # 1 chart in the UK with her 3rd album “The Best Damn Thing”. Certified by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), she has deemed her spot as one of the top-selling artists with over 12 million copies sold. Her fourth album, “Goodbye Lullaby” secured her a 3rd #1 album in both Japan and Australia. Her 5th album, released by Epic Records in November 2013! She attempted to walk away from the music business for a while to venture towards an acting career, as well as a clothing and perfume line. She has made film debut in “Fast Food”, done some voice overs on “Over the Edge” and by 2008, she had launched her clothing line “Abbey Dawn”. In 2009, she released her perfume “Black Star”, which was quickly followed by “Forbidden Rose” & “Wild Rose” by 2011.

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She celebrated her marriage with her boyfriend, Deryck Whibley, a member of the well-known group, Sum 41, was friends with Avril 2 years prior to their romantic relationship, which began in 2003. Deryck attributed Avril for keeping him off drugs, as he was an avid cocaine user and drug abuser. Avril stated that she would not tolerate any drug use as she is dead set against the use of any drugs, proudly continuing on to state that she has never used drugs herself. He remained clean during their marriage and gave Avril the credit for it. In 2005, on a trip to Venice, Deryck proposed to Avril and she accepted. Mr. Deryck Whibley and Avril Lavigne were married on July 15th, 2006. With a little known fact that he took on her last name; becoming Deryck Jackson Lavigne Whitley. There were many issues with the marriage; Deryck wanting children and Avril wanting to date others boys. Many close friends of the couple stated that, after three years of marriage, the romance broke down because they were both very young, when they tied the knot and they seemed to have wanted different things. Avril filed for divorce in 2009 and it took a year to get divorce. It was an amicable divorce, and both parties spoke highly of each other, despite the break up.

By 2012, she was well on her way and began dating Canadian rock star, Chad Kroeger, from the band, Nickleback. Avril and Chad were engaged shortly after. They began their romance, while working on her fifth album. They got engaged in the late summer of 2012, with wedding plans, for the next summer in the South of France on July 1st, 2013. It can be assumed that the Canadians were commemorating their origins to choose that particular date, as it was Canada day. The lavish wedding was held at Chateau de la Napoule, a Medieval Castle. They then honeymooned in Portofino, Italy. Their relationship seems to have rules that they abided by, given their extremely busy schedules. They agreed that they will not spend more than two weeks apart. Avril goes onto say that “when you have someone special in your life, you do not want to take them for granted.” Their seemingly normal rules, also include that when they are apart, they will not drink alcohol or go out to clubs as this may put undue stress on the marriage. This being Chad’s first marriage and Avril’s second, Avril seems to have learned from her previous marriage. Her net worth is pegged at $45 million.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 27 Sep, 1984
Age: 35 yrs
Citizenship: Canada
Birth Place: Belleville
residence: Los Angeles
Education: Napanee District Secondary School
Gender: Female
Description: Canadian singer, songwriter and actress
Twitter Id: AvrilLavigne
Spouse: Deryck Whibley[2006-2010]
Chad Kroeger[2013-2015]
Net Worth 2021: 60 million
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Last Modified: Aug 9 2020
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