Britt Lower

Best known for her major cast portrayal of Man Seeking Women's Britt Lower, the protective and caring older sister who wants to find his estranged brother Josh a serious relationship, and recurring cast portrayal of Unforgettable's Tanya Sitkowsky, a technology expert who aids the crime-fighting group, Heyworth native Britt Lower started her career as a sketch-improv artist after earning her polished acting  degree and rich  improve acting experience from the Northwestern University.

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According to the Chicago Tribune, Lower never expected to do comedy. She thought she would do classical dramas like Shakespeare or Greeks. In the interview with Chicago Tribune, Lower told the newspaper how she came into comedy and train to be funny. In the same interview again, Lower stated that she was studying art in Northwestern University, she went to a new student orientation with improv group on campus during her freshman year. The next week Lower was called for an audition and Lower went along with it because she was curious about the outcome. Turned out the audition led her to another opportunity to get a better training and later led to her starring in Man Seeking Woman.

In the interview with Chicago Tribune, Lower stated that in Man Seeking Woman she tends to improvised the scene. She has to get a feel how to do comedy while in Man Seeking Woman. Doing comedy and be funny naturally was not teach in her studies.

It's only because of stars such as Britt that an unconventional show rich in cultural references, parodies and different sides of human psychology  like Man Seeking Woman has been so lively in spite of  some unbelievable happenings like the protagonist ex-wife leaving him for real Hitler or Liz going through an affair with a married and successful Santa Claus. Importantly, it's not only the plot surreal happenings attract viewers. People are generally attracted by the show because it's relatable to their own daily life emotions and struggles.

More precisely, she is especially credited for nailing her alpha-female and career-focused character  Liz in 2015 started American sitcom Man Seeking Women, a rom-com about a gullible self-absorbed nice guy Josh exploring the world of dating awkwardness, relationship insecurities, and surreal scenarios.

Domain (Movie)

Domain is a 2017 movie about a virus that wiped the most humanity. Lower played a character called Phoenix in Domain. In her interview with Chicago Tribune, she was cast in the movie because the Domain’s writer saw her outstanding performance in Man Seeking Woman.

Other Projects

In Lower interview with Chicago Tribune, she stated that she is currently working on a semi-autobiographical screenplay. The screenplay about her experience as a face painter and traveling around in the Midwest with her mother. Other than that, she is also illustrating a children’s book according to the Chicago Tribune.

Websites/Social Media

Britt Lower has her own website under her stage name ( The website used to feature her artwork in face paintings, relational art, and her performance art. Britt Lower also can be found in Instagram (@brittle) and Twitter (@brittlower)

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Quick Facts
Birth Date: 2 Aug, 1985
Age: 34 yrs
Occupations: Actor
Television actor
Film actor
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Heyworth
Education: Northwestern University
Gender: Female
Description: American actress
Twitter Id: Brittlower
Net Worth 2021: 800 thousand
Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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