Bronwyn Vance

Bronwyn Vance was born on January 27 2006. She is the daughter of the famous acting couple Angela Basset and Courtney Bernard Vance. Bronwyn Vance is also known as Bronwyn Golden Vance.

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She was born by a surrogate mother. At birth she weighed 2.77 kilograms.

Bronwyn has her twin brother Slater Josiah Vance. She and Slater are the only children the famous Basset-Vance couple have. Both twins were born five weeks before labor term.

For her 10 years of life, Bronwyn had a pretty and comfortable life thanks to her famous parents.

Her paternal grandparents are Conroy Vance and Leslie Vance. Bronwyn's paternal grandfather was a grocery store manager and her paternal grandmother was a librarian.

Bronwyn's and Josiah's maternal grandparents are Betty Jane Gilbert and Daniel Benjamin Bassett. She got her middle name Golden based on her mother's aunt name.


Bronwyn attends a private primary school in Los Angeles, where she resides with her family.

It is only the question of time will she follow the education steps her parents took. Her mother, Angela Bassett graduated from the Jordan Park Elementary School. Later her mother graduated from Boca Ciega High School. Bronwyn's famous mother became the first person attending Boca Ciega school to get admitted to National Honor Society.

After her middle school, Angela Bassett attended Yale. At Yale, she got a degree in African-American studies in 1980. She is a B.A. of African-American studies.

After the success African-American crowned with a B.A. degree, Angela also got in 1983 the Master of Fine Arts degree.

Probably Bronwyn will also attend Yale knowing that Yale university is the where her parents met.

Bronwyn's famous father attended Detroit Country Day School. After graduating from it, Courtney Vance studied arts at Harvard university and graduated from Harvard with a B.A. of art degree.

Courtney Vance later attended Yale, where he both got his Master of Fine Arts degree and met his future wife Angela.

Bronwyn Vance sure does have a role model in both of her parents when it comes to education. She will for sure become an academic.

Career Experience

Bronwyn is still a child and doesn't have any career experience. But she will have a great career if she starts following the acting footsteps her parents made.

She has the option to start the career of an actress. Her parents' biography is abundant with career experience.

For example, her mother made her acting debut in 1986, starring in F/X (1986). Later, Angela Bassett moved to Los Angeles so she could be more engaged as a professional actress.

In Los Angeles, Angela starred in Boyz n The Hood (1991) and in Malcolm X (1992). For her role as the wife of Malcolm X, she received an Image Award.

For her role as Tina Turner in What's Love Got To Do with It (1993) and was awarded with a Golden Globe.

Her father also starred in many films, but not the major and top-grossing ones as her mother.

If Bronwyn one day chooses to be an actress, she will be as excellent actress as her mother is.

Personal Life

Bronwyn lives with her mother, father and brother in Los Angeles. She leads a happy life with her family.

She also enjoys her mother's and father's net worth and salary, which combined surpasses $32 million.


Bronwyn Golden doesn't have social media accounts, but she appears a lot in the public with her parents and her twin brother.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 5 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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