Carol Alt

Carol is a model and actress born in New York. She was born on 1st day of December in 1960. Her father was a chief in fire department and mother an air hostess, who was herself a model in her early days. In her childhood Alt was not interested in modeling as a carrier and never tamed herself like that. After high school in 1979, Alt joined Hofstra University, which was a military school. There she worked as a waitress at a local joint.

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One day when she was at her job, a photographer came in to restaurant and instantly took notice of her. He walked to her and told her that she could be a model. He took Alt to an advertising agency where she got an assignment on her first visit. She decided to give it a try to meet out her education charges. She was finalized by none other than John casablancas, then a Fashion   designing Moughal. Later Alt dropped her college to take modeling as a carrier, though her parents didn’t agreed to her, dropping of education part.

Alt was instant a hit as a model. Only after a few months of her joining the field, she was on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. She shot to fame when she appeared at the cover of Sports Illustrated, swimsuit edition, one of most regarded magazines, in 1982. She became one of the most sought faces in 80s. The magazines, on which covers she landed, include Playboy, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and many more. She was acclaimed a million dollar face by The Life, and world’s most beautiful women by Playboy. She appeared at the covers of more than 700 magazines.

Beside all her photo shoots, she was in active modeling also and endorsed a large number of brands.

Although she was at a peak of success in her modeling carrier, in 1986, she turned to acting in to films. Her debut film was an Italian one, and then she acted in many Italian films and T.V. shows. She was not comfortable at Italian language so used voice dubbing until she learned the language frequently.

Carol Alt, it seemed was never short of options and talent. She got a Midas’s Touch, as whatever she tried she was able to do. She started in a new field of foods and raw food. This she opted to share her experience to gain a fit figure by eating. She published a book named Eating in the Raw, A beginner’s Guide to be slim and be healthier by consuming raw food. She wrote a second one which included all the needed information about raw food, as breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and juices.

The both of her books were among best sellers of that time. Now Alt decided to write fiction and her first book was This Year’s Model, in 2008. Next year she published its sequel.

Carol Alt married to Ron Greschner, a Hockey star who played for New York Rangers, in 1984. She is still believed to start a new era of modeling, The Supermodel

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 1 Dec, 1960
Age: 59 yrs
Occupations: Model
Television actor
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Flushing
residence: New York City
Education: Hofstra University
Gender: Female
Description: American top model and actress
Twitter Id: Modelcarolalt
Spouse: Ron Greschner[1983-1996]
Net Worth 2021: 25 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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