Brit Hume

A journalist by profession Brit Hume is a 71 year old U.S. citizen.  Brit was born on 22nd June 1942 at Washington, U.S.A.  He is among the top earning journalists.  He owes four million dollars of property, investments and cash.

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Brit was born to Virginia and George.  For his schooling Brit went to St. Albans.  Later he earned his degree in English from the Virginia University in the year 1965.  After completing his bachelor’s he started his career as a journalist.  “The Hartford” was the first organization he joined just after completing his studies.  He was also a part of other publications like “United Press International” and the “Baltimore Evening Sun.”  Later in early seventies, he started working for columnists Richard Pollack and Jack Anderson.  While working for Richard, his reports about the US government and other articles led to a close surveillance of Brit’s family and his office by the CIA.  After this Brit joined ABC News in 1973 with the designation of Consultant and later promoted as correspondent.  He covered the Senate and the parliament of the United States for eleven years.  He also covered the presidential campaign of Walter Mondale and George Bush.  He gave his services to ABC for twenty three years.  When he left the ABC, he was the main correspondent for White House.  While working for ABC he did a number of shows including Nightline.  His journey at Fox started in 1997.  For Fox he also worked as an anchor for the show “Special Report”.  He stopped his services as an anchor in 2008.  His present designation at the Fox is of Political Analyst.  He also helps in covering the major political events of the U.S.

His journalist career is composed of more than 35 years.  During his career he has honed his skills as a journalist.  For achieving the marvels in the field of journalism Brit Hume was honored with a number of awards.  The “Emmy Award” of 1991 for covering Gulf War is one of them.  Apart from Emmy he won “American Journalism Review” award two times and “Sol Taishoff Award.”  Taishoff Award was given to him in 2003 for his excellence in the broadcast journalism.  Apart from writing for newspapers and news channels he has written two books.  “Death and the Mines” was written by him in 1971.  He wrote his second book titled “Inside Story” in 1974.

 In personal life Brit has seen many ups and downs.  He is a divorced person.  He married to Clare J. Stoner and later gave her divorce.  He then married his girlfriend Kim Schiller.  Kim is a vice president of Fox.  Sandy Hume, Brit’s son committed suicide in the second month of the year 1998.  Sandy was also a reporter.  He worked for “The Hill”.  The actual reason for Sandy’s suicide is not made public.  The “National Press Club” has started an award after the name of Sandy to give tribute to this journalist. His personal and professional affairs helped him to remain in news all the time.     

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 22 Jun, 1943
Age: 76 yrs
Occupations: Journalist
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Washington, D.C.
Education: University of Virginia
Gender: Male
Description: American political commentator and television journalist
Twitter Id: Brithume
Net Worth 2021: 14 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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