Cheryl Cason

Cheryl Cason is an anchor of the FBN, the business network of Fox.  She is associated with FNC from the past six years.  Cheryl started working for Fox from the November of 2006.  At present, she is working as a weekly job reporter and a fiscal contributor.  For her show she provides the information regarding various job openings in different organization.   This weekly show is very beneficial for people looking for a job or wants to change their current organization.

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Cheryl was born on 8th July 1970 at Clearwater, Florida.  Her father was a government employee, working as a consultant in the engineering department. She spent her childhood in Sweden, Ohio, Texas and Arizona.  In the year 1988, she graduated from the “Thunderbird High School” of Phoenix, Arizona.  After completing high school she attended the University of Northern Arizona and graduated in 1992.  She was majored in Public Relations from the University.

Just after graduating from the University, Cheryl started her professional career.   She was worked for Southwest Airlines.  She worked as an attendant in the flight.  She spent five years in Southwest Airlines.  During this time period she travelled to New Zealand, Nepal, Australia and Africa.  She started her media career in 1997, when she re-located to California.  Cheryl joined CNX Media then KRON-TV and worked as a reporter.  Later in 2004 went to NYC to join MSNBC.  In addition to MSNBC, she also worked as a freelancer for CNN.  For CNN she was reporting the latest updates of the Stock Exchange of the New York (NYSE).  While working for MSNBC she also worked as a guest anchor of the program MSNBC Live.

In her Fox days Cheryl hosted “Cashin’In” and “FOX BUSINESS NOW.”  Cheryl’s journalist life is full of adventures and opportunities.  She has done the live reporting from a number of Middle East countries including Israel, Jordan, Syria and West Bank.  She was also highlighted when she took the interviews of many well-known personalities.  Salam Fayyad, Shimon Peres and Tony Blair were interviewed by her.

Cheryl is very professional lady doing her work religiously.  Cheryl Casone is making her position in the media by her work.  People have started recognizing her potential.  She was also declared the “Woman of the Month – April 2010” by

Cheryl Casone keeps her profile low, so there is no information about her personal life.  It is not disclosed in media that whether Cheryl is single or married or she is a divorced person.  But because of her popularity in the media people want to know more about her personal affairs.  There are number of guys who want to date Ms. Casone and be her boyfriend.  This is also a reason why guys want to know more about her personal life.  In her profile in social networking sites a number of people are following her.  People are also checking Cheryl’s profile for regular updates on her personal life as well as professional life.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 4 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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