Catherine Herridge

Catherine Herridge was born May 18th, 1964, in Canada. Herridge graduated from Harvard College, receiving her master's degree from Columbia University School of Journalism.

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Her career started with ABC News where she was a London based correspondent, joining Fox News at its inception in 1996. She has served in various capacities, and is now their Chief Intelligence correspondent.

Personal life:

Herridge is married to Jeff Miller, an air force pilot. They have two sons. In 2006, Berridge donated part of her liver to her younger son, Peter, who had been diagnosed with biliary atresia.

About Herridge:

Herridge has a nice, easy going personality, however she is a very tough, strong woman in her life. She is also very courageous. There was a legal dispute between Herridge and Fox news about her salary and some other issues. She did not agree on signing any agreements based on complaint issues by the channel. In 2010, She even filed a lawsuit against Fox. Unfortunately, the case was dismissed after one year. She was one of the lead correspondents during the terrorist attacks of the 9/11 and during the Benghazi incident. On the 12th of September, she was the first one to report based on an interview with the Congressman Mike Rogers. On the 17th of September, she was the first, once again to report and deny any demonstration at the consulate at the time of the attack. All that was only one day later, after the very contradicting claims of Ambassador Rice.

Besides, she has also reported from so many different news filled spots all over the world such as Qatar, Israel, Guantanamo, Iraq and Afghanistan. Furthermore, She has covered stories including what happened in the former Yugoslavia and their ethnic conflicts, the Northern Ireland peace agreement, the death of Princess Diana and its investigations and of course the events that took place in New York on 9/11 in the United States. Herridge, alongside with her network's team traveled all the way from the United States to Yemen in order to complete an investigation that took them a period of about eighteen months. The resulting documentary from their investigation was rather impressive, it was even described by the Washington Post as "an explosive hour". In addition to that, Herridge covered the 2000 campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Furthermore, her work on "Fox Files" was outstanding that it even lead her to win the Bronze World Medal in order to honor her and show absolute recognition of her efforts. Her remarkable investigations were related to Child prostitution, prescription drug and medicare fraud. In the field of communications media, she can be considered a symbol of excellence.

The Next Wave:

Herridge decided to give a gift to her audience, so she wrote a book titled "The Next Wave". Within the pages of the book, she put all her information and gained experience from her travels, investigations and all the stories that she had to cover throughout her life. She tries to reveal to her readers the new and real face of terrorism. She also made some predictions about the, what might be called threats, whether they are arising from North Africa or the Middle East from her point of view.

Quick Facts
Date of Birth: 18-05-1964
Height: 5 Feet 8 Inch
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: White Ethnicity
Profession: Television journalist
Employer: Fox News Channel
Marital Status: Married
Husband: Jeff Miller
Children: Peter Herridge
Alma Mater: Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism,
T.V. Show(s): The Pulse
Salary: 100000 dollars per year
Net Worth: 10 million USD.
Birth Sign: Taurus
Birth Place: Canada
Birth Date: 18 May, 1964
Age: 55 yrs
Occupations: Journalist
Citizenship: United States of America
Education: Harvard University
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
Gender: Female
Description: Science journalist
Net Worth 2021: 1 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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