Christopher George 

Christopher George was born in the year 1931 and he died in 1983. He was a film and television actor who became well known when he starred in The Rat Patrol series of 1966-1968. He becomes nominated for the Golden Globe of 1967 and he was the Best TV star for the performance in TV series. He becomes the recipient of the New York film Festival and he became Best Actor for the Television Commercial. He was the husband to Lynda Day George.

According to his biography, he grew up in Royal Oak in Michigan and he was a son of Vaseleke and John George, who were Greek immigrants. His father was born in the city of Thebes in Greece and he participated in the World War I and Vaseleke was born in the city of Athens.

Christopher George did not speak English up to the time; he was six years old because the family was using Greek while at home. The father was working like a traveling salesman, when he was still young and he was accompanying the father to his trips in different cities like Detroit, Memphis, St Louis, Chicago, New York City and Akron.

Afterwards, the family decided to move to live to the Mountain Lakes of New Jersey and this is where he started to learn how to speak English. Besides attending regular school, he was also attending a Greek school to help him not to forget Greek Language. This is when he got the first interest to act since in the Greek school they were performing Greek poetry and Greek plays.

At the age of 14, he moved and went to live in Miami, in Florida and went to Elementary School and to Miami Senior High School. While at school, he was playing baseball, football, soccer and he was running the track. When he was in Florida, he liked to hunt the alligator at Eveglades. After getting the driver’s license, he started to work driving the trucks of his father in Miami or other cities near the Eastern Seaboard.

When he was still young, he was bound in entering Greek Orthodox Church and the family had prepared him for this. While growing up, he was a choir and altar boy. He joined the military in 1948 after lying about his age since he was only 17. He got the awards when he was in the military and such awards have been documented for his official military personnel file. When he finished the enlistment, he joined University of Miami and he got the Business administration degree in school of business.

Christopher George met with his wife Lynda on the stage and they fall in love. They got married in 1970 and they had a daughter called Casey and he became the father to the son of Lynda. He died because of sudden heart attack in 1983. His net worth has not been disclosed.

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Published : Jun 28 2017
Modified : Jun 28 2017