Daniel Corbett

Articulate and Well-spoken meteorologist, Daniel Corbett is celebrated for his smooth presenting style, perfect body and hand movement/control (weaving hand), stand-up-comedian approach and seamless delivery. Even if the weather is bad, he has the ability to make the news a joy-to-watch.

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Some nick names given to him are "the heavyweight champion of weatherman" and "governor of weather forecasting".

Impressively, he has been weather forecasting for the past 25 years, if we count this year as well.

Now moving on to his body configuration, the British national of white ethnicity is not a tall man with the speculated height that probably lies in the range of 5 feet 5 inches to f feet 10 inches. Moreover, he has short hairstyle (brown hair with white hair here and there because of old age), slender body and smiley face.

Talking about his relationship status, he has been married to his loving site Helena Colbort, ex-BBC makeup artist, since a long time now.   

They were residing in Britain until both of them moved to New Zealand. They moved because both of them were seeking a lifestyle change and something to move away from their respective busy schedule.

Daniel is currently employed at TVNZ as a member of the ONE News weather team. Prior to joining TVNZ, he has worked in various reputed entities including Met Service New Zealand,  BBC News Channel, BBC One, various BBC news program, BBC's Wimbledon Tennis Championship, England Met Office, BBC Weather Centre, KGUN-TV, KRIV-TV, BBC One, BBC Two, BBC's network of radio stations, BBC Breakfast news,  BBC News 24, KWTX-TV and WCFT-TV.

Unfortunately, we really don't know his exact age or his exact net worth. However, it's easy to guess that he has earned huge fortunes given his experience and reputation.  Moreover, we have calculated that his age is 49 or 50 years.

Born in Dagehnam, Essex, Great Britain, Daniel earned his high-school and university credentials from US. The journey of the "meteorology graduate from State University of New York" officially started as a weatherman when he got the job of weather forecaster for the Universal Weather and Aviation in New York.

His immense experience at Universal Weather and Aviation helped him a lot to land a weather forecasting job at WCFT-TV. When he joined WCFT, he was not a tryout meteorologist, but he was an experienced weather forecaster who had undertaken weather forecasting for corporate clients, energy companies, aviation industry and sky resorts in US.

Fans can connect follow him on Twitter (807 followers). His twitter tweet name is "@danielcorbetttv" and his twitter description is given as: "Broadcast meteorologist for TVNZ. All views are expressly my own."

Daniel will always be remembered for his time at BBC. From 1997-2001, he was associated with everything BBC has to do with weather forecasting

Of course, when he left BBC to go to New Zealand, Britain lost one of the most experienced meteorologist. Of course, he was a loss for Britain. But, loss for Britain turned out to be gain for New Zealand. Congrats! New Zealand. 

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 30 Nov, 1900
Age: 119 yrs
Occupations: Meteorologist
Television presenter
Citizenship: United Kingdom
New Zealand
Education: Stony Brook University
Gender: Male
Description: British meteorologist
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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