HOW OLD IS Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer is 78 years and 5 month(s) old. She was born in 22 Dec, 1945. Diane Sawyer is a multi-award winning American TV journalist as well as an anchor and a TV presenter. She has worked in many different channels; including WLKY-TV, CBS, NBC and ABC News too. She is known to have hosted many hit and popular TV shows like ABC World News, Good Morning America, Primetime Live, 60 Minutes, 20/20 and many other shows. Having gained subsequent fame and success for her work and efforts, she has also become a topic of criticism and chat due to her rumors and affairs, in both private and professional life. A very well-known woman both inside and outside the USA, she has got a huge fan following on her social media sites, and is often searched for on the internet. With her biographies available in several websites, people also search for her quotes or interviews, some of which can be found on YouTube. Her estimated net worth value is 80 million US dollars, which tells a lot about her success and eminence.

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Last Modified : Jun 22 2024

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