DJ Jazzy Jeff

DJ Jazzy Jeff is a renowned Disc Jockey, record producer, musician, actor and Turntablist. He was born on January 22, 1965 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He is famous for early collaboration with Will Smith. His some of the notable works are Boyz n the Hood, Jersey Girl and Strange Days.

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He was very creative and talented personality since his child days, which he started to give some early glimpse to his family members by DJing in very young age. When he was 10, he came out with good technique of Djing and became popular in local club. Not just this, he became popular in local club as the “bathroom”. As he got elder and older he developed expert skills on DJing. His Chrip technique can be found in songs like Magnificent Jazzy Jeff and Getting Jiggy Wit it.

In 1985, Jeff and Will Smith appeared for the first time at a party. Then, they became friend and started working together. Later, their collaboration became successful, as The Word Up label welcomed them to sign a record deal. They are mostly known for good time lyrics and humorous party and made extra ordinary rap fit to anybody.Their first major collaboration called Rock the House was launched in 1987, by the small Pop Art record label. Luckily, it became successful to gain gold status sale.

It is said that, the person who became successful their behind some hidden person or player. And, in Jazz case the hidden inspirer is Smith because he advised him in different areas to take the taste and try them. As a result in addition to Djing, he became a successful actor; he started his production company and recording studio too.

Full name at birth is Jeffrey Allen Townes and other names are Jazzy Jeff, Jeff Townes, Jazzy Jeff, DJ, Jeffrey Allen Townes and Jazz. He has towering height and it is 5 feet and 9’1/2 inches, which is about 1.77 m. DJ distinctive feature is sunglasses.  His ethnicity is African American. Genres are Hip hop and R&B. His nationality is American.

He created several examples and experiences throughout his life. Some of the major events, facts and notable things are presented as follows. He alongside Will Smith succeeded to win two Grammies, which was given to them for their work for DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince. He is considered as legendary philly Hip Hop DJ as he succeeded to win DJ competition in 1986. He  is the first rap artist alongside Will Smith, who won the Grammy Category best rap performance in 1988, the title was named as parent just Don’t Understand.

Talking about his personal life, he was in love of Lynette Jackson. Couple had dated for some year. Later, they decided to get married. And, they became husband and wife in 2010. His wife Jackson is no less talented and successful than him. She introduces herself as associate professor for Gender and Women’s studies. Not only this, she also represents herself as associate professor of African American studies. She is very talented and educated personality, she gained PhD from Columbia University in African History in 1997. Not just this, Jackson is a renowned author as she wrote Surfacing Up:  Psychiatry and social order.

He is very hardworking personality; he has earned high degree of success in his life. His estimated net worth is $ 8.5 million. His lovers can stay with him at twitter and Facebook. Or they can visit his official site His life story can be studied at wiki and

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 22 Jan, 1965
Age: 55 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Philadelphia
Gender: Male
Description: Musician
Net Worth 2021: 5 million
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Last Modified: Aug 9 2020
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