Dr. John

Short Biography

Dr. John was known as an American singer and songwriter. He is most famous for having a distinct sound that combined blues, pop, jazz, boogie-woogie, and rock and roll.

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Dr. John was born Malcolm John Rebennack in New Orleans, Louisiana on November 21, 1940. Rebennack's father ran a machine store that additionally sold records, and he shared his affection for early jazz greats Louis Armstrong and King Oliver with his child. He experienced childhood in a family group of novice musicians, encompassed by uncles, aunties, cousins, and siblings who played the piano.

Rebennack's mom, in the interim, had worked as a model, and for a period, youthful Malcolm was the child on Ivory Soap boxes because of his Mom's associations. While Rebennack's underlying passion into music wasn't effective, he joined the choir at chape and was quickly kicked out in his youth, he started studying music, and thanks to his father, he was studying sessions at Cosimo Matassa's J and M Studios and watching Crescent City legends play at New Orleans nightspots.

Career Singer-Songwriter

At home in New Orleans, Dr. John started practicing with musicians such as Papoose, Jesse Hill, and Alvin Robinson, learning creole customs and voodoo. At the point when saxophonist Harold Battiste and trumpeter Melvin Lastie established All For One (AFO) Records, Dr. John joined. He kept on doing productive studio work until 1962. After he was kicked out of the association, Dr. John kept on getting little jobs at strip joints and with neighborhood bands in New Orleans, eventually moving to Los Angeles, where he would work with musicians like the Allman Brothers and Frank Zappa.

He before long found a specialty in a partnership with Battiste, who was working with Sonny Bono. In 1968, he and Ronnie Barron intended to turn out with creole personas for a one-shot performance and album collection, yet Barron dropped out, leaving Dr. John to present Dr. John Creaux the Night Tripper all alone.

Wife & Daughter

Dr. John passed away on June 6, 2019. He left behind his third spouse, Cat Yellen, a daughter Karla, from his first marriage, to Lydia Crow, which finished in separation. He also had two girls, Tara and Jennifer, from his second marriage to Lorraine Sherman. He also had two children, Max and Tatiana, from different relationships. He left behind a granddaughter, Stephanie. One of his daughters, Jessica passed away in 2003 and a grandson, Allen also passed away before him.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 21 Nov, 1941
Age: 78 yrs
Occupations: Actor
Film score composer
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: New Orleans
Education: Jesuit High School
Gender: Male
Description: American singer-songwriter
Net Worth 2020: 12.7 million
Net Worth 2021: 13 million
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Last Modified: Jun 29 2020
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