Ed Schultz

Ed Scultz is a renowned political commentator and is famous for hosting the two famous shows, one being a popular radio show that got telecasted with the name of the host The Ed Schultz Show and other famous MSNBC television program again with the same name The Ed Show.

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Born on January 27, 1954 in Norfolk, Virginia with the name Edward Andrew Schultz. He attended Minnesota State University at Moorhead where he took football as his passion and entered all-American status quarterback in Girdiron Football. Initially, Schultz wanted to pursue football as his career and put his effort to make through to the National Football League.

The first achievement he received was when in 1979, he got selected to play football for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. When he got retired as an athlete, he utilized the experienced he gained in sports and took the Sportscasting gig on KTHI-TV in Fargo, North Dakota and expanded his broadcasting in 1990 that included the political commentating. His profession seems no stopping and he became a host of the radio talk show in 2003 and soon became a sensation in the world of Radio and in the year 2009, he made his appearance on the TV too with hosting a TV show.

His main concern of the shows that he hosted lie in the sportscasting and political views. His radio show strongly displayed his views and became a hit No 1 and remained to enjoy the position for the next 10 years. Throughout the 10 years, his thoughts changed dramatically, from the conservative to progressive. The political remarks that he made on the show many times resulted in the controversies. It was one of his statements that led him to get suspended from MSNBC, the statement contained “right-wing-slut” which he used to refer Laura Ingraham, a commentator who criticized the President Obama.

Apart from his successful career as a radio and TV host which he also used to express his political opinions, he wrote two books that again strongly outlined his progressive views about the politics. His first book was named as Straight From the Heartland, published in the year 2004 and the second one is named as Killer Politics: How Big Money and Bad Politics Are Destroying the Great American Middle Class that was published in the year 2010.

The success of Schultz was not only reflected through his popular radio and TV show, but helped him to gain a great amount of money as well. His estimated net worth as claimed by many is somewhere around $11.5 million.

Apart of his intrigued professional life, he also has a controversial personal life. He married for the two times and is has been assumed that his first marriage lasted for a long time before he gave divorce to his first wife and married for the second time with a nurse named Wendy in 2000 and leading a happy married life.

This famous personality has a Twitter account too, and his fans can easily follow him and his personal views there. Follow him to keep yourself updated about the latest happening in his life.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 27 Jan, 1954
Age: 66 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Norfolk
residence: Detroit Lakes
Gender: Male
Description: American television and radio host
Net Worth 2021: 15 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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