Eduardo Verastegui

The eminent actor Eduardo Verastegui is a popular Hollywood actor and hails from Mexico. The full name of Eduardo is José Eduardo Verastegui Cordoba. He hails from Mexico and has a personal band name Kairo. He is originally from North America.

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Verastegui is a very popular Mexican actor as well as a model. He is a singer too and has made a solo music career. He was born in the year 1971 and in the month of May and a date of 21. In his initial days, he was seen in Mexican telenovelas as well as commercial ads. His hometown is Xicoténcati which is in Tamaulipas. He has worked in various movies and has his own production company Metanoia. He is born in a strict Catholic family.

Career in Television

It was only after the success as a music entertainer as well as a successful star in tv shows that he decided for pursuing his career in Hollywood. His first ever screen presence was back in 1996 for the role of an unaccredited character in the soap Mi querida Isabel. His role was only for the Season 1 and episode no 8. The episode’s name was Malaysia. His next screen presence was in the television show So?adoras in the year of 1998. He played the character of Manuel Jr.

His next soap opera presence was in Una Luz en el Camino which came out in 1998, and he reprized the role of Daniel. His next screen presence was in the soap Tres Mujeres for the role of Ramiro Belmont. His next project was in Alma rebelde in the year 1999. He reprised the role of Emiliano Hernández in the movie.

His latest project was in 2015 in the final episode of NBL 2015 where he played the role of Celebrity guest.

Career in Hollywood

His debut role was in Chasing Papi, which came out in 2003. He played the role of Thomas Fuentes. His next movie was Meet me in Miami, where he played the role of Eduardo in the year 2005. He got a two-year gap in between.

His recent project was in 2015 for the movie Little Boy. It was his home production and he played the role of Fr. Crispin. The net worth of Eduardo Verastegui is 13 million dollars. He is also paid for his sponsorship, endorsements as well as advertisements. It has been estimated that he receives an annual salary of five lakhs eighty-eight thousand two hundred and thirty-five dollars.

A sneak peeks into his personal life

Eduardo Verastegui has maintained celibacy for the last 14 years. This Spanish actor has earned lots of fan followers as well as female attention. In an interview, he proudly declares that he is celibate. There was once a rumor that he was engaged, but, that was brushed off. He waits for his wife to whom he will be happily married and share himself completely.

Acquaintances with the social networking sites

Verastegui is on twitter and is followed by lots of fans and followers. He is very much active on his Twitter account and keeps on updating his latest news.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 21 May, 1974
Age: 45 yrs
Citizenship: Mexico
Birth Place: Ciudad Mante
residence: Tamaulipas
Gender: Male
Description: Mexican actor
Twitter Id: Everastegui
Net Worth 2021: 6 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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