HOW OLD IS Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is 50 years and 2 month(s) old. She was born in 5 Mar, 1974. Mendes w?? b?rn in Miami, Florida, t? Cub?n parents Juan C?rl?? Mendez ?nd Ev? Perez Suarez, and r????d b? h?r mother in th? Los Angeles ?uburb of Glendale ?ft?r her parents' d?v?r??. M?nd?? w?? raised a R?m?n C?th?l?? ?nd ?t ?n? t?m? ?v?n ??n??d?r?d b???m?ng a C?th?l?? nun. H?r mother worked ?t M?nn'? Ch?n??? Theatre ?nd l?t?r for ?n ??r?????? ??m??n?, h?r f?th?r r?n a meat distribution business. She ?tt?nd?d Hoover High S?h??l ?n Glendale ?nd l?t?r attended C?l?f?rn?? St?t? Un?v?r??t?, N?rthr?dg?, t? ?tud? m?rk?t?ng but l?ft ??ll?g? t? study ??t?ng under Iv?n? Chubbuck.

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Last Modified : May 5 2024

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