Eva Mendes

Mendes w?? b?rn in Miami, Florida, t? Cub?n parents Juan C?rl?? Mendez ?nd Ev? Perez Suarez, and r????d b? h?r mother in th? Los Angeles ?uburb of Glendale ?ft?r her parents' d?v?r??. M?nd?? w?? raised a R?m?n C?th?l?? ?nd ?t ?n? t?m? ?v?n ??n??d?r?d b???m?ng a C?th?l?? nun. H?r mother worked ?t M?nn'? Ch?n??? Theatre ?nd l?t?r for ?n ??r?????? ??m??n?, h?r f?th?r r?n a meat distribution business. She ?tt?nd?d Hoover High S?h??l ?n Glendale ?nd l?t?r attended C?l?f?rn?? St?t? Un?v?r??t?, N?rthr?dg?, t? ?tud? m?rk?t?ng but l?ft ??ll?g? t? study ??t?ng under Iv?n? Chubbuck.

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Mendes began h?r ??t?ng ??r??r after a talent manager ??w h?r photo ?n a friend's ??rtf?l??. H?r f?r?t film ?????r?n?? w?? in the d?r??t-t?-v?d?? Children ?f th? Corn V: F??ld? ?f T?rr?r. M?nd?? w?? disappointed ?n h?r performance ?nd she h?r?d ?n acting ????h. Sh? th?n appeared in th? films A Night ?t th? Roxbury, Mortal Kombat: C?n?u??t, M? Br?th?r th? P?g, Th? D?????l??, Urban Legends: F?n?l Cut ?nd Ex?t W?und?.

M?nd??' breakthrough r?l? ??m? wh?n ?h? ?????r?d in Training D?? ?nd l?d t? r?l?? in All Ab?ut th? Benjamins, 2 F??t 2 Fur??u?, Once Upon a Time ?n Mexico (which ??rn?d h?r a nomination ?t the T??n Ch???? Awards), Out of T?m? ?nd Stuck ?n You. She was the f?m?l? l??d ?n the 2005 comedy H?t?h and w?? one of the f?r?t m?n?r?t? actors to play th? lead ?n a hit r?m?nt?? ??m?d?. Sh? starred in Th? W?nd?ll B?k?r Story, Guilty H??rt?, Trust the Man, Gh??t Rider, We Own th? N?ght, L?v?! ?nd Cl??n?r.

M?nd?? appeared ?n W?ll Smith's v?d?? "M??m?" ?nd the Pet Sh?? Boys' mu??? v?d?? for "S? a v?d? é (That's th? w?? l?f? is)" ?n 1996 and Aerosmith's v?d?? "Hole ?n My Soul" ?n 1997. Sh? ?l?? ?????r?d ?n the v?d?? f?r "The End Has No End" b? Th? Str?k?? in 2004. Mendes w?? ?m?l???d b? Revlon C??m?t??? ?? ?n ?nt?rn?t??n?l spokeswoman ?nd ??rt?????nt in R?vl?n'? ??m???gn t? r???? funds f?r breast ??n??r research. M?nd?? ?????r?d nud? in a ?r?nt ?d f?r Calvin Kl??n'? S??r?t Obsession perfume; th? ?d w?? b?nn?d in th? Un?t?d St?t??. In D???mb?r 2007, P???l? f?r th? Ethical Tr??tm?nt ?f An?m?l? (PETA) used a nud? ?h?t? ?f M?nd?? for th??r ?nt?-fur campaign. Sh? modelled ?n a M?rg?n campaign. M?nd?? was a spokesmodel f?r the 2008 C?m??r? ??l?nd?r. Mendes w?? ?nn?un??d as th? ?nt?rn?t??n?l f??? ?f Australia's 30 D??? ?f Fashion & Beauty ?v?nt ?n July 2008. Sh? m?d? gu??t ?????r?n??? ?n th?t ??untr? ?t th? m?nth-l?ng festival in S??t?mb?r. M?nd?? h?? b??n a ???k????r??n f?r C?lv?n Kl??n, M?gnum ?nd th? chocolate m?lk br?nd Cocio. Sh? ?l?? ?r?m?t?d Th??rr? Mugl?r'? Ang?l fragrance, R??b?k ?h??? ?nd P?nt?n? ?h?m???. Sh? appeared ?n a Peek & Cl????nburg ?l?th?ng catalog ?n 2011.

P?r??n?l L?f?

M?nd?? d?t?d G??rg? Augu?t? fr?m 2002 t? 2010. In 2011, she began d?t?ng h?r Th? Place B???nd th? P?n?? ??-?t?r R??n G??l?ng, wh? is currently h?r husband. Th?? h?v? two k?d? Esmeralda Am?d? h?r f?r?t d?ught?r (born on September 12, 2014) ?nd Am?d? L?? beign th? second d?ught?r (b?rn ?n A?r?l 29, 2016).

Sh? is a v?g?t?r??n for b?th ethical and h??lth r????n?. M?nd?? ?r??t???? Transcendental Meditation.


In 2008, ?h? was nominated f?r a G?ld?n Raspberry Award f?r Worst Actress for her ??rf?rm?n?? ?n Th? Women. Sh? ?????r?d in The S??r?t, Bad L??ut?n?nt: Port ?f C?ll N?w Orl??n?, Th? Oth?r Guys, Last N?ght, F??t F?v? ?nd th? spoof v?d??, Funn? ?r D??. In 2012, Eva M?nd?? v???t?d S??rr? Leone ?nd was f??tur?d in the PBS documentary H?lf th? Sk?: Turn?ng O??r?????n into Opportunity f?r Women Worldwide. Sh? ?t?rr?d ?n th? 2013 m?v?? The Pl??? B???nd the P?n??. Ent?rt??nm?nt W??kl? d???r?b?d her performance ?? "quietly heartbreaking".

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 5 Mar, 1974
Age: 46 yrs
Occupations: Film actor
Stage actor
Television actor
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Miami
Education: California State University, Northridge
Gender: Female
Description: American actress
Net Worth 2021: 20 million
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Last Modified: Aug 9 2020
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