Gil Jackson 

Gil Jackson’s full name is Gilbert Jackson. He was planning to enter into the law school after finishing the ElizabethTown College during 1960s. However, he needed to take a break first and he was a physic Ed Director but he found out that he may do more than just coaching and since the children wanted to play, he made them go into the study hall and he demanded that they should do well in the school also. After attending high school, he did not apply for the law school but he spent time coaching the college levels and high school when he was also a mentor for these children. This is something he continues to do up to now. In the past, he was the volunteer assistant coach of Sanford girl’s basketball team and they won State Championship.

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Jackson also known under the name of Jack is working in the footstep of his father Gilbert Jackson Jr who was working as a role model, a beacon and also a coach at the same time a leader who graduated in the Delaware State in the mid-1940s and he got the degree of master in the Columbia University. Now the two Jacksons will be inducted in Hall of Fame of Delawere Afro-American Sports. Jackson said that it is special to him to be inducted with his father since most things that he learned; he got them from the father. They walked the same path and most values that he follows, he got them from him. Elder Jackson who went to Howard High, he coached the basketball at the Dunleith Community School and this was before he became a longtime athletic director of Wilmington High. Afterwards, he worked like a basketball referee and was working at Wilmington Parks and Recreation Department where he was managing the swimming pools and was coaching different African-Americans who became outstanding swimmers.

Elder Jackson is already dead and he will be inducted posthumously. However, his legacy of molding the future leaders had been continued by his son. The Jacksons have made an impact in the athletes who were inducted into the Afro-American Hall of Fame. Once, 10 were inducted, and nine of them worked under elder Jackson. He did not teach them basketball only but also asked them to do tennis, track, gymnastic and swimming. From the biography of Gil Jackson, there are many people who are in coaching now who had been influenced by younger Jackson.

Gil Jackson is a former coach of Howard Career Center and he was an associate to Girls Basketball coach before he moved to Sanford team to coach boys. He helped Warriors to get their First State Championship of 1986 before he left in the year 1989 in order to server in University of Pennsylvania where he was working under Fran Dunphy. His net worth is not disclosed and he should not be confused with Gil Jackson who is a model and whose photography can be found online.

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Net Worth 2021: 5 million
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