Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell, born in 1988, is an Australian whose name has grown to fame as a result of his professional cricketing career. Apart from his cricketing prowess and a net worth of $4 million, Glenn Maxwell’s biography cannot go without a mention of his previous involvement with Candice Wyatt. Candice was Glenn’s eight-month partner before the two opted to call quits. However, during this time, the two were seemingly enjoying the relationship, especially judging from the images which circulated in the public domain. In recent times, no reliable information as to whether he is by now married or not has gone about.

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Personal Life

Glenn was born in Victoria and is currently 28 years old. Unfortunately, his biography contains no information with respect to his early school days or college life and thus, his academic qualifications remain anonymous. Glenn’s parents include Joy Maxwell and Neil Maxwell, and his sibling is named Daniel Maxwell. At his leisure time, Glenn often listens to music or at times enjoys eating chicken, which happens to be his favorite food.

At some point in his career, Glenn had highly anticipated taking part in the Champions League T20, which took place in 2014. However, due to some undisclosed reasons, Glenn was faced with a disappointing dismissal from the League. As a result, he angrily hit a dustbin following his frustrations. But in a bid to restore his public image, this was followed shortly by an apology that he posted on his Twitter timeline.


Glenn is not only a young cricketer but also one that is passionate and talented in the sport. At the start of his cricketing career, Glenn was actively involved in pace bowling before progressing on to off spin bowling – a shift that worked well for him. In the cricket history, Glenn James Maxwell is a renowned cricketer that has been listed among the world’s dangerous cricketers due to his explosive right-handed batsman role. Also, Glenn receives much appraisal as a result of his right-arm off spin bowling. Currently, Glenn has made appearances in the esteemed Kings IX Punjab (Australian International Cricket Team) in IPL; his domestic team is Victoria.

Surprisingly, Glenn recorded his first successful domestic career at the age of 14. His performance received a myriad of positive comments, particularly from commentators, with a majority of them claiming that Glenn, even as a boy, exhibits pure natural talent in addition to being a hard striker. This perhaps is the reason as to why he has showcased a seemingly impressive strike rate throughout his career; his speed in the field allows him to catch many stunning catches.

As evidenced in Glenn’s performance, suffice it to say he’s on the road to becoming a true legend in the cricket world. For instance, he’s the only Australian to have ever scoped with the record of Fastest Domestic 50 with a 19-ball fifty score for Victoria while playing against Tasmania in the Ryobi One-Day Cup 2011. This, however, does not exhaust his list of achievements.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 14 Oct, 1988
Age: 31 yrs
Occupations: Cricketer
Citizenship: Australia
Birth Place: Kew
Gender: Male
Description: Australian Cricketer
Net Worth 2021: 36 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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