Gonzalo Higuain

Gonzalo Gerardo Higuain is a famous footballer from the Juventus club. He is popular for his talent as a striker.

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Personal life

Gonzalo Gerardo Higuain was born in the year 1987 on December 10 in France. His father was an Argentine footballer, by the name of Jorge Higuain. Higuain had three siblings, two elder brothers and one younger. Higuain was given a nickname Pipa, by his father. He has received the inspiration to play football from his father and had also begun his learning career with him.

Besides learning how to play football, he carried on with his education and also completed his graduation. He had also played football before joining any club to sharpen his skills and also for his experiences. After completing his graduation, he decided to start his career with the River Plate club.


Higuain started his career with the River Plate club where he was defeated by Gimnasia y Esgrima in the year 2005. Next year, he achieved his first victory against Banfield. Within two years, he made several appearances. He resigned from the club in year 2006, to join Real Madrid. Higuain helped the club to achieve victory in his first league against Real Zaragoza. He made his goal for the first time at the Vincente Calderon Stadium.

Higuain played for a long time with the Real Madrid, till 2013. During this time, he scored a goal in the 2007 and 2008 season and finally, achieved victory over Osasuna. He kept moving forward by scoring a number of goals during the same time against Barcelona in the El Classico event. Despite a serious injury, he defeated Valencia in the year 2008 and also the same against Malanga. The number of victories helped him to get a lot of fame in his career even in the international countries and states.

He was also crowned as one of the most promising talent in the football world for the numerous number of goals, which were mostly scored during the last minute of the particular matches. He carried on with his victories and achievements and finally ended his term with the club by scoring his last 100th La Liga goal. Next he joined Napoli for forty million dollars.

He played his first match to achieve a victory against Beneficial but in the second match, he faced defeat. He never lost hope and won, the next two matches. He won in the next matches but was unable to qualify in the group stage. He even took the team to the final league and scored the first hatrick in his career. In the next two years he gave his best performances to the club and achieved several winning trophies and honours for the club.

Recently, he joined Juventus for ninety million dollars which broke all the records of the fees paid to the footballers earlier. During the period of 2016 and 2017, he also achieved the man of the match honours for his versatile striking performances in the football history.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 10 Dec, 1987
Age: 32 yrs
Occupations: Association football player
Citizenship: Argentina
Birth Place: Brest
Gender: Male
Description: Argentine association football player
Net Worth 2021: 16 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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