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Hailie original name is Hailie Jade Scott. Hailie Mathers was born on Christmas day; in particular she was born on December 25, 1995 in Michigan, Detroit, United states. Her parents are Kimberly Anne “Kim” Scott and Marshall Bruce Mathers who is famous with his professional name Eminem.

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Education and High School life

In June 2014 Hailie had graduated with honors from Clinton Township based Chippewa Valley High School, located in Michigan. In his school website it is mentioned that she had planned for either opting for Psychology or Entrepreneurship degree from the Michigan State University. Se was an active student during her high school days. Hailie was interested in arts and was a member of Art Club as well as inclined towards sports too as she played Volleyball too. She has association with Student Council as well as National Honor Society. During 2013, Hailie won the title of her High School Homecoming Queen which is one of the proofs that Hailie is a young beautiful lady and has a magnificent personality. She is not just pretty but also has brains within her.


She is the daughter of famous rapper Eminem and his childhood sweetheart Kim. Her parents met when Eminem was of 15 years of age and Kim was only 3 years old. Kim and her sister Dawn had run away from their home and have moved in with Eminem and his mother. After 1989 Eminem had an on-off relationship with Kim. After birth of Hailie, the couple got married to each other in 1999 and within a span of two years in 2001 Kim wanted a divorce from her husband. During January 2006 he again remarried Kim but in early April filed for divorce. He agreed for joint custody of Hailie and have also adopted Dawn’s daughter Alaina and Whitney, who is Kim’s daughter from another relationship.


She has been making appearances in Eminem music videos. She was spotted in few clips of Eminem’s song “Mockingbird”. She has appeared in many songs by Mathers which includes “97 Bonnie and Clyde”, “When I’m gone”, “Hailie’s Song”,” My dad’s gone crazy” and many more.

Relationship with Parents

While Hailie was a toddler, Eminem use to work hard for an earning to support his family. He used to work 60 hours per week for 6 months playing the role of a cook and dishwasher at a family restaurant in Michigan. Hailie have been really close to her father as his love for her is quite evident in his work. Hailie was mentioned in at least 22 songs of Eminem which depicts his deep love for his lovely daughter.

Hailie resembles her mother in her looks and before she was about to join college, she praised her parents for making her what she is. She thanked them for supporting her to achieve whatever she have got in a publication which was posted by her school.

Personal Details

Hailie Mathers is an American teenager who possesses a net worth of around $ 1 million dollars. Now at the age of 21, she is not married and not much revealed about her relationship status. Being a millionaire teenager and daughter of famous star Eminem Hailie had many meme of her in social media.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 22 Nov, 1996
Age: 23 yrs
Occupations: Model
Fashion model
Television personality
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Tucson
Gender: Female
Description: American model
Spouse: Justin Bieber [M. 2018]
Net Worth 2021: 20 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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